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  1. He needs to shots some in his delts.;)
  2. I don't hear much about them. I'm sure your friend will be fine, let us know how it is.
  3. When I was on a high fat diet, and my fats were very high my energy and strenght, and endurance was my best.
  4. funnyman

    Damn snow

    It's almost over winter.;)
  5. I took them like back I in the day, not a small pill.
  6. More muscle you will burn more cals. But your a ecto so it's hard for you to gain weight, so it's from training less. Train more like you did, and your result will stop. Then go back to this workout routine with your added rest day....then you will see the difference.
  7. Did you start a different exercise, or increase your range of motion. Has your weight increased on exercises?
  8. As for as both teaming up, last I seen they both had heated words when it can to letting AA back on the site. But this what I seen online, but I could be wrong.
  9. I see they have new labels.
  10. Like I said when you need my help I'm just a e-mail away. We can go over your diet, vitamins, cardio amount, sleep, time in the gym, routine, and use a low to moderate cycle with fat burners. Try not to skip workouts.
  11. I Loved Reforvit from Mexico I have no bp, gyno wasn't no were near like orals, and my acne was the odd one, and my gains were just as good. I also did Bi*med in 2013-14 when they made it, and I looked amazing 10 weeks out from the Ontairo before a got a bad injury from work. I never looked that lean and full in all my 9 shows at 10 weeks out. I only took 1 cc eod, side effects were nothing like I had with Oral Dbol. People were just shocked at how good I looked in the gym, and these were past competitors. I do know p* makes inj dbol or anadrol.
  12. Hey you finally joined. I'm waiting for a trap inj.
  13. You never know you might be happy with 43 pound or more or less. When I first started to diet I would come up with even numbers for my weight loss. But as time went on with diets I soon realized I was wrong, clothes or friends or family or just the way to feel in general was best. For some it's the mirror that people go by.
  14. My dentist said it's bad for my teeth. I don't watch tv in the dark, since my eye doctor said so. I don't sit on cold steps since the old people told me why blahh. I dress up warm or I will get sick like the grand parents say blahhh.
  15. funnyman

    Canada Post

    Your so right, plus there like 8 million in debt for there pension.
  16. funnyman

    Canada Post

    I don't want the government to step in. Let Canada post piss off Ebay or Amazon and they will go with the other companies that ship and then cp will just lose lots of money.
  17. Funny you say that you like the tournament, and my old boss at work said the same thing. The more people I talk with say they like Bellator.
  18. Pysio will help you out, he has is in charge of this thread. But I will say this again, people need to stop at about 225-315 max on deadlifts. Personally I did just 1 plate per side with a 45 to strengthen the lower back. Upright rows, I never liked them.....to much grinding in the joint.
  19. Well meal 4 & 6 needs Protein, a shake or meat.
  20. Right on bebeav time to be a mad chemist.;)
  21. I feel the same way as you, I love Bellator.
  22. Well keep the dose low to moderate, work on the diet and cardio. Since you hold a high body fat, it indicates that your insulin is storing your carbs at a fast rate than a skinny guy. A high fat diet is best for someone with higher bodyfat, but if you do a low fat diet keep a eye on low glycemic foods only. If your still having problem I will be having a banner up soon on the site, as I do diets for members over the past couple of years online.
  23. funnyman

    Canada Post

    No you can't cross the picket fence.;)
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