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  1. Hit the gym this morning. Just watched this. Think Ima go hit the gym again now...
  2. Awesome. Maybe I'll have to give them a look. I've been tossing the idea of anadrol around. Has been a couple years since I've messed around with it but damn was it fun. The strength gains from it was absolutely stupid. @proarcher making me think it's time to start putting stupid amounts of weight on the bar again.
  3. Haven't ever heard of these guys, but gotta say I love that logo and labels. Lookin good
  4. A clean diet and some cardio is all thats needed man. Get your heart rate up with cardio and count your calories. Eat under TDEE and you'll be where you wanna be in no time.
  5. Ive done 250 and 400 a couple times each. Honestly didn't find it that different. However depending on what you do for business, and how you handle dnp, could be rough. I can sweat through a dress shirt in 5 mins on dnp.
  6. Wrong place to post. Either way, it's not a problem to do that. Might be a good idea to learn a little more before doing your next cycle
  7. Lookin good! And great gym too, my favorite local one around.
  8. I used Trans quite a few times a few years ago. Back when they had a different rep that I actually talked to as a friend for a while. He helped me transition to homebrew and was a great guy. They had good bulk deals and always had super good packaging and communication. Their oils I absolutely never had a problem with. Their test always put me in range exactly where I'm usually at on my bloods. Their tren gave me the sweats and strength that I was used to, and the aggression. Holy shit I get frustrated on tren so I knew theirs was good. Their deca blew me the fuck up. I remember on a previous forum trans was getting ripped apart for bloods that were not elevated at all, and I remember calling bullshit on that one because I had test from the same time the poster had and my bloods were about 7x natty levels. However I always found their orals to be hit or miss. I got a bombs a few times from them and were by far my favorite oral ever. I could do sets with of 4 with my previous 1RM while taking those. Fucking loved them. Their dbol was good as well. Just what I was used to. However I found their superdrol to be sugar pills both times I used it. Was taking double what I usually used from previous labs and experienced absolutely nothing. Same thing with their asin. Found no matter how much I took, my nips stayed itchy and sensitive. Had to get some emergency pharma asin on a blast of their test because I was growing tits. I moved away from trans just from my experience with their orals. It was two or three orders in a row where I found most of the orals I got to seem to have no effect. First review on here so feel free to take everything as you wish. I'd probably order their oils again if it came around locally but wouldn't personally grab any of the orals.
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