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  1. I have with other labs but not with Medicus yet, hence my curiosity
  2. Anyone get any blood work done to share yet?
  3. Have you ever tested products from Medicus Research?
  4. I have ordered twice now from Medicus and am very happy with both orders. I have waited till gym openings to speak my mind.because I wanted to give products an honest review rather than just going by my workouts in my home gym, even though it is pretty well equipped, but still lacking in most equipment. I have to say after going back to the gym results seemed immediate... pumps were crazy and I have actually put on size by being able to train more intensely... Using anadrol, sustanon, proviron and EQ at the moment...Much respect to Medicus
  5. You have not been paying attention bro...I bid up to $385...Also, congrats to the winner
  6. I can assure everyone that my bids were only to try and win the products at a price I was able and willing to pay...not to drive up any bids...That being said, anything over the last bid is too rich for my blood at this time, although IMO they are certainly worth it...
  7. Come on people... these products are worth the bidding for!
  8. Dang, you hurt my feelings... not
  9. You guys have fantastic service. I have one question though, what oil do you use because your vials are so clear. Is the grapeseed oil?
  10. Thank you for the encouragement... package arrived safely today and I could not be happier or have greater respect for Medicus.... I will be a faithful calm customer from now on...
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