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  1. SYN is a good source with top quality products.
  2. Issues seem to be off and on and ongoing. I have had enough myself with most of the suppliers here and am just going to end it for my own peace of mind and leave this board. There are other boards out there where you don’t have to deal with these kinds of issues
  3. Just wanted to update...Vortex has gone well beyond resolving an issue and I just want to say they have my respect for their service and products...Thank you Vortex
  4. Crippling pain... don’t think I will be using Vortex again
  5. Update...swelling in other injection site now...dang
  6. You are probably correct...I am frontloading and injected my other glute a few hours ago and no issues...
  7. glute...shot went in smooth and no real pain other-wise,,, just swollen
  8. Took my first shot of Vortex Deca and Test E.... within a few hours my injection site swelled up like a grapefruit
  9. Great communication and service... going to run their test e deca and proviron and update later
  10. Great service...looking forward to running their products...Test E, Deca and Proviron
  11. What happened to Medicus? Haven’t heard from them in a while
  12. 57 Muscle


    I just did some research and found out that 3033 actually does exist and is relatively new.... my bad.... apologies
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