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  1. idk if my supplier has some
  2. i just wanted a quick answer from somebody !! what would be the best to get rid of puffy nipple and little mass in the nip ? .. usualy im not prone to prolactin but i dont know why now i do ... i got it so fast that i couldnt control it ... in the past i could start adex or nolva later on but now i did that and i started nolva 2 weeks ago jumped to 40mg daily still got it puffy with something small inside... so what would u recommend ? prami or letro ?
  3. just my little order that i ordered tuesday ! very happy and my rep is very earth grounded and pretty gentle ! ..very happy to make business again with bodytech 5*****
  4. i do not aromatize much too by chance and i tried many dbols but maybe i dont really respond well to it.. i will switch to anabol which is a mix of both d and anadrol.... i went super saiyan with this mix but hey ... not here to bash.. i was just mad the other day because my old rep wanted me to get dracorex so much because it was top notch.. bro just tell me the truth why would u lie to me ?? for an extra 20$ ? bro srsly
  5. it happened to some protein powder.. maybe i should grab a slow digested prot... i digest this shit too fast lol
  6. how can u tell if im a novice ? i tired medistar ,inno , humantech , bodytech , draco,pareto... ?? lol i CAN tell you that u are novice bro ! what the heck ...saying sustanon is one of the slowest acting test is just a proof that u dont know what u are talking about... maybe people are diff responder but i can tell... 50mg dianabol a feeling a lil bit lol i remember with 40mg i was jacked as fuck..i am a fast responder and i can tell my experience ( because i freaking love trying things up) that at 50mg dianabol it is suposed to be a really good dosage !.. and sustanon bro in a week or so your suposed to feel something going on i can tell for sure that something is going on with this dianabol or i guess my body just prefer anadrol ...im a pure ectomorph and a very fast responder ! i know that it is just blabla i cant prove it but i can tell that i dont feel nothing much diff with 50mg just saying things up bro
  7. sup people !! did some of u guys had issues with protein shake i mean ... feeling dizzy . lightheaded .. like hypoglycemia ...? anyone ? fast digested prots.. i read somewhere that fast absorbed prot was the problem cuz after absorbing it ,, your body cant rely on something else so its going on hypo mode ... can some1 clarify me ?
  8. lol i hope your not telling that i am a douche ! bro his stuff is underdose.. no sustanon feeling after 2 weeks and 25m dbol feel so underdosed.... sad that i am loosing my time
  9. my old rep just sold me draco Like right now im on dbol and sustanon and i cant tell i feel NOTHING different .... today its my 4th inject with dbol and i feel that the dbol is SO WEAK i have barely a pump a 50mg bro i already did dbol in the past and i cant tell this draco shit is UNDERDOSE LOL... ill be switching to bt next week for sure wtf lol .. in the past i could feel dbol after taking 2pills i swear.. i feel barely nothing ... not gtg
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