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  1. LISTEN UP FOLKS This quarantine has done a number on a lot of us, I know. We’re feeling sluggish and slow and fat and small and weak ALL AT THE SAME TIME... it’s a drag. That said this WILL end, and when it does you’re going to want to hit the ground running, so if you’re not RUNNING to Bodytech for your goods you’re behind the curve, bud. Customer service? Bar none. You’d think by how they respond to emails that they were literally EXPECTING you. Shipping? Right to your fkn’ door fast and discrete. No factor. Quality? I dare you to find a better lab. I’ve been using these guys exclusively for a year straight and all their products are good2go, and you’re pissin’ in the wind if you think you can change my mind. And if none of this was enough, these fkn’ guys put on a contest for FREE GEAR to keep fellas motivated during the pandemic, to which I was the VERY happy recipient. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for joint relief, to add 500lbs to your deadlift, go from a little chimp to an ANABOLIC APE or pound your girl (or guy, whatever wets your whistle) into the stratosphere, they got what you need and you’re gonna fkn’ love every second of it. Now quit dickin’ around and gear up now before those gym doors re-open or you will be PLAYING CATCH-UP with the smart folks ✌ Stay Joocy
  2. Interesting. First I’ve heard of anybody doing this. What’s the logic/practicality of staggering your on/off? Just the blood pressure issues?
  3. Curious also. I pushed from 4 weeks to 5 once and that alone was a noticeable fuck up for me
  4. What about a contest for "best quarantine transformation" of members? Even for new members only to get them more engaged? There can be a prize for natty folks (if they're even on here haha) and/or enhanced folks as well. Can be 30 days or 3 months, bodyweight only, has to be consistently logging etc, whatever NL decides! We're all stuck at home so we might as well try and have a little fun with it. Even get the family involved.
  5. I was reading through the steroid profiles sections, very good solid info! I've been trying to research some peptides recently as I have recurring epicondylitis in both elbows from work and sports, and I thought it would be pretty cool if NL had a section on those too.
  6. Well this is my first time with Deca even so we'll see how she goes I've heard mixed reviews on it so if my body don't like Eq is next on the list
  7. I've always been interested in Eq but have yet to pull the trigger. How would you guys' compare it to something like deca? Also my post-lockdown blast is pretty light-handed I think comparatively: Weeks 1-12: 500mg Test-E Weeks 1-12: 250mg Deca Weeks 1-4: 25mg Tdrol Estro control as needed
  8. It's back up now, with less conspicuous front page. Unfortunately the categories no longer exist it looks like so a little less organized.
  9. I get a chuckle as well. I still remember mine like it was yesterday. Pin to the glute on my own was sweating buckets almost having full blown anxiety and after it was all over I felt like a dumbass hahaha
  10. Just had the exact same experience. First time ordering direct and WAY less hassle. Ordered on Monday morning had it by Thursday. Packaging was excellent everything as advertised. @gamechanger made me a lifer
  11. Just a quick update; entering week 5 and hhoollyyy! Hahahaha. If anybody is reading this and waiting to pull the trigger on BT... don't. Catch the sale price on the website right friggen now and get joocy as a mother! "You're gonna like the way you look, I guarantee it."
  12. Pencil necks looking to get Joocy for summer? lol
  13. You're not getting banned for your review, your getting banned for reacting like a chump when the mods hurt your feelings. PS. Price list is on the website, which you would have known if you read the first post and clicked the link dipshit
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