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  1. Considering the aspects of "volume" perhaps a prize for post or thread of the month. The post that gets the most likes? Adds the most value? And in those likes, they can't be for adding a pic of an ass in a "My fave booty" thread. Or maybe a thread that adds the most value, creates the most dialog or drops the best knowledge. Other wise the barometer may too loose and easy to reach.
  2. I ran t-bol as a pwo at 60mg on workout days. Enjoyed it quite a bit. I'd run it at 40mg it running it ED.
  3. I'm just researching this compound now. Sounds very interesting. Are there more people's experiences with DHB? What doses are people taking weekly, dosing schedule etc? I personally prefer the slower acting "drier" compounds. Running longer cycles in the 16 to 20 week range gives me the desired look.
  4. I run them 250 test EW and tren/mast at 600mg EW. I like low dose test cycles.
  5. I'm sorry... it's easy to say to a novice that in a week or two you're going to be a big strongman and ripped freak but anyone who has been taking AAS for any amount of time knows it takes about 4 weeks to accumulate peak absorption into ones system. Slightly less with faster esthers. By this analogy you could be at your peak an hour after you pin.. but we know that's not the case. You may respect someone's opinion in saying that after 2 weeks their fucking phenomenal... but I don't. I have used most popular compounds and esthers, and I know what the difference looks and feels like. There's no comparison between week 2 and week 4. Except for orals. https://www.steroidal.com/steroid-half-lives/ The normal progression of blood level buildup is as follows (using Testosterone Enanthate as the example compound, for the purpose of explanation, its half-life will be regarded as 7 days): Day 1: 500mg Day 7: 250mg remaining from the previous injection + 500mg freshly injected = 750mg total Day 14: 375mg remaining from the previous injection + 500mg freshly injected = 875mg total Day 28: 437.5mg remaining from the previous injection + 500mg freshly injected = 937.5mg total Day 35: 468.75mg remaining from the previous injection + 500mg freshly injected = 968.75mg total Day 42: 484.38mg remaining from the previous injection + 500mg freshly injected = 984.38mg total
  6. I've been a member of about a dozen boards in my time. Anyone to slags a lab as his first or second post would be flamed and perhaps banned in most cases. Not saying you may or may not be telling the truth, but most people would't take you seriously at all. Just sayin... Sustanon is one of the slower acting drugs. I've NEVER felt it before week 4. And that was was with an unquestioned lab for quality. I actually never use it because I think it's crap considering what test-e can do for you. If you want to feel it "faster: just use test P then switch. I've used their d-bol and it was fine. I've used BT products and they were fine. Oh.. by the way.. they don't even make injectable D-bol. Just sayin...
  7. That's normal. No point in going and having a shitty workout while at the same time making everyone else in there sick too.
  8. I've never used Tbol, but anavar did wonders for me last year.
  9. I fully agree with this. I did some experimentation with stretching before workouts because of an injury and all my lifts suffered because of it. Weakness, lack of endurance etc. On top of that I didn't notice any appreciative difference afterwards. I do a slow warm up set, then get right to work.
  10. All of those foods give me issues. Although some days I crave carbs like fucking crazy.
  11. I always took DNP on an empty stomach. Never had it with food. I never had any issues. I almost never take any oral with food.
  12. I was reading into HCG used while on cycle to assist with LH levels and natural test production. What's your opinion of that being used during long cycles? Another fantastic article by the way. Thanks for posting.
  13. That last comment should be something almost everything thinks about when running a cycle. When I hear guys running all this other shit just so they can run a cycle I think they've made a mistake somewhere in their design of their cycle for their body and genetics. Dianabol gives me a thick full look. Masteron gives me a leaner, harder more vascular look. I don't look bigger on mast. In mu opnion.. I think I look better on it. That's just me. To address the OP first post, I'm not entirely sure what you're looking to accomplish with running those compounds together. You said using one as an AI. I agree with @Corey5150 not the best thought out idea. There are other compounds what will give you nice size gains without the "bloat" dbol will give you. Masterone is a great drug. I'd use it over dbol most of the time. MAst and tren together.. heaven!
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