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  1. Great read, thanks for sharing. I always rotate sites between delts, glutes and quads. Delts I don’t go over 1cc shots, glutes are good for up to 2cc and quads I haven’t found a limit yet lol.
  2. I like to look at it like this, if you never used it before but have used other orals , you know your body well enough to know if things start going negatively, give it a shot. your body might respond well and it be a great addition.
  3. I have ran it a couple times and never had a “bad” experience with it. Always increased my strength to a reasonable level , gave me some decent size as well. The downfalls I found were it always suppressed my appetite, made me feel shitty and sluggish almost. There’s 4-5 other orals I prefer over superdrol but that’s just my take and input.
  4. So you think if someone is on here and doesn’t use insulin that’s him pussying out? I would think it’s probably pretty safe to say most people on here haven’t used insulin and absolutely have no need to.
  5. And yes I’m done lol won’t hear anything else from me before I do get a message
  6. My pops gave me good and bad comments because a real man learns to deal with both positive and negative critics without crying over it. You say it’s not a good trait to not support fellow members , so you support things you don’t agree with? I’m not gonna support something I don’t agree with, some kid that doesn’t want to take the time to learn the ins and outs and that FOOD is the key secret to bulking , not upping the dosage of a supplement lol but hey you probably know that right? Orrrrrrr do you ? Hmmmmmm. I will flower this up for you so I don’t hurt one of your feels, you been at t
  7. Your self proclaiming yourself as looking amazing and then you want me to come along and give you a big hug and say congrats man? Do you know that you will get here man , honesty , which maybe you can learn from and benefit from.
  8. I have to shake my head at some of this stuff, I don’t mean to be disrespectful by any means but my dude. Your 24 and think 750 mgs isn’t over kill. If your 24 , taking training and diet seriously, you by no means need 750mgs at all. Your self proclaiming yourself as looking amazing as usual lol is this stuff for real, am I the only one thinking you should take a step back, dial in your diet, drop a few % in the bf department and really utilize what this stuff can do.
  9. Great lab with some great products for sure.
  10. Sssshhhh , I’d be happy to take this away for 4 bills lol
  11. Still 400 bucks on the line so far so is well right
  12. I don’t think he’s affiliated in anyway with the lab, it’s the point of he chirped people at the start and now he’s getting some chirping at him. It’s all fun and games, don’t think anyone’s feelings are being hurt
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