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  1. Been using Bt for the last couple years and have always have had great experiences dealing with them. Have used their test E, sust 250 , sust 350, deca, tren E , Eq, dbol, anadrol, superdrol, tbol, arimidex, letro, hcg and I think that’s about it lol. Oh and their cialis , gotta love that stuff. Always quick to reply, payment and shipping always fast and efficient. Will continue to do business with these guys for sure.
  2. Have been a big fan of BT going on 2 years now. Currently running their test E, tren E, anavar and alittle anadrol and all is great product. Their sust 350 has to be my absolute favourite, also ran their dbol, sust 250, deca, npp, tren ace and all worked great. Keep up the great work BT, always top notch service behind a great product.
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