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  1. Shout out to medicus and capebretondadbod, helping me out this past week, top quality customer service along with top quality product. Always a pleasure dealing with this lab.
  2. Finding legit British dragon in Canada is a rare occurrence. Not saying it’s impossible but definitely rare. As capebretondadbod mentioned, thread lightly
  3. Time to stock up, literally everything on my wish list. Great sale medicus you never disappoint
  4. Some great deals here on some great products !!!
  5. Awesome work man, looking dialed in
  6. Welcome to Northern Lifters , lots of resources here to take advantage of
  7. Just seeing if anyone on here is planning on competing or attending the flex Lewis show this November? I’m going to decide in the next week or two if I will be a participant or an audience member but if any fellow lifters are attending should meet up for a hello.
  8. I have run ment a few times now , usually 150-200mgs a week. Used it for a couple bulking cycles that I ran test with, test was around 250-400 mgs a week. I found it a difficult compound to really get dialled in, the estrogen conversion is insane which I knew going into was going to be an issue but still managed to have problems with it. Like Mr.gains mentioned you definitely want to have the support compounds on hand and ready because it can sneak up on you quickly. It definitely helped me get the size I wanted but I feel there are a lot better compounds for me that are more “user friendly” and get the same results.
  9. A safe and Merry Christmas to all my lifting brothers and sisters out there.
  10. Great read, thanks for sharing. I always rotate sites between delts, glutes and quads. Delts I don’t go over 1cc shots, glutes are good for up to 2cc and quads I haven’t found a limit yet lol.
  11. Matho


    Welcome to Northern Lifters !!!
  12. Put a run to the bum. BT has always been one of the easiest labs to deal with and to work with you.
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