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  1. Thanks everyone! First report is a very smooth pin with no PIP. Now I'll wait until after the full cycle to let you know how it worked for me, but I'm very positive with how this gear feels. Thanks again, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone.
  2. Just picked up some BT gear and I have a question. Is it usually this thin? It's pretty much water thin. I know it's a MCT based product, but I've never seen gear this runny before, doesn't resemble an oil at all so it has me wondering. To be clear this isn't a criticism or a negative review of BT, it's simply a question that I hope to get answered from people that have used BT products before. I haven't pinned with it yet, but I am excited to start as I hear great reviews of the product. Thanks.
  3. Bueller? Trying to give a sponsor $ here. Anyone with some knowledge on this subject able to weigh in? Simply looking to order some SARMS and Cialis raw powder for "research purpose". @ElectricRocker @Talon @bebeav @funnyman @Rosconow
  4. All right, I'm looking at placing an order and just want to ask the community if anyone knows the specifics as to cross border legality in ordering. I'm too much of a pussy to order AAS from outside of the country. I'm really interested in home brewing, but unless I can domestic source materials it just seems like too much of a risk to save a few $ and start a hobby for personal supply. Specifically I'm looking at SARMS and dick pills in raw powders. What's the census, legal or illegal to order into Canada "for research purpose"? Are there any specific raws in those categories that would be considered illegal if the rest are considered legal? If legal, and CBSA still seizes the package, what is the penalty / fines / charges I'm looking at? I know Crazy Steroids will re-ship once, I'm more interested to do my homework on what kind of blow back I'd be looking at.
  5. Tren's your most likely culprit for all sides.
  6. So how'd it work out for you?
  7. johnnycake


    Pretty interesting video series on YouTube, well at least I'm finding it interesting, by the guys from Super Training / Power Project. Sarmageddon. It's up to four parts now and will be growing. Worth a watch as the narrator / guinea pig claims to have been natty to this point.
  8. I use the Canadian Medical Supplies Tudca. Works good. I get around shipping by just making sure to order with more stuff (you always need syringes right?).
  9. You'll find as others have said it's person dependent on where to run your test vs nadrolone. Most will generally tell you that a higher dose test is the best dose to go with as they're avoiding deca dick (erectile disfunction associated with nandrolone). I haven't gotten deca dick on deca or NPP, but I do find that as the cycle goes on it gets difficult to 'finish off'. It can get to the point where I can bang for hours without ejaculation. If you're worried about deca dick or experience ED then keep some viagra on hand, or even Citrulline malate added into your daily routine can help stave off the wet noodle. The other concern with nadrolone hormones I have is acne. It hits me bad so upping the test too much only worsens the problem. If you're on the team that would prefer more test over NPP then perhaps switch your numbers a bit for your first few weeks to see how you react. 300mg test / week and 200mg NPP / week. 200mg NPP / week will significantly improve your recovery times and should give you a good measure of how you react to the hormone. EDIT* Shit I didn't look at post dates. Sorry for the necro post. Hope that it still helps someone out though.
  10. If she's going untested then why not open the flood gates a little and suggest some oral AAS to her? Without question her competition will be on cycle. If she's not turned off to the idea then toss it out there.
  11. Glad to heat it! I'm also looking at placing an order with Genetec and was torn between 25 or 50 mg / day. So if results are good at 25mg / day then that's easier on the wallet.
  12. Was fun to watch, but that elephant bar was gimmicky as fuck. You can see Thor and Brian have gotten bars as close as possible to train with, but since it's not sold outside of competition it's impossible to properly train for. Watching Brian Shaws training only makes me want a athletic training platform even more....
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