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  1. I'm a little late to the party but I've talked about it here and on other forums how I don't care to participate in lab vs. lab drama. Admittedly when affliction first started gutting me here, I was pretty upset about it. I didn't know he was Genetech or any other lab for that matter, it was just some guy saying outrageous lies about me, which were fairly easy to disprove. It sucks but that's how some guys do business. I will say that in early March I did reach out to affliction to try to clear the air because he continues to say some pretty tasteless things about me on other Canadian boards,
  2. Thanks to everyone who took their time to hear "my side" of the story. I'm happy to say I'll be sticking around here, you can find my dedicated thread below:
  3. At the end of the day @Affliction and I wanted the same thing, which was to help provide Canadians with good gear, he just wanted to be sneaky about how he led you to the line of products that he makes money off of, while I prefer to avoid all that bullshit. It has to be stressful, I would think. Thank you to everyone who kept an open mind and allowed me to speak. The evidence speaks for itself, obviously. Hopefully I can hang out here more moving forward.
  4. We could try to be diplomatic instead of confrontational. If I removed the image of my presentation, which does not reveal pricing, contact information, or in any way offer the sale of my brand's product, would you feel more comfortable with this thread? Were you the one who hid/deleted my initial post to begin with, despite it not containing that image? I just assume you're friends, maybe you hate the guy, but I do take notice of the posts that you add likes to, and I noticed you liked one of his disparaging me without any proof of that. I do also peruse other boards, CJM, Meso, etc.., s
  5. You'd prefer that claims about the quality of my packaging and presentation were not permitted to be challenged? No one has been PM'd and I have not provided my contact information or product/price list here. If anything you have your friend Affliction to thank for making my name known around these parts, I suppose had you deleted his posts instead, I wouldn't be here. I am interested in any sponsorship opportunities, though.
  6. Although I'm not a sponsor here, I would definitely appreciate if the mods/admins would consider leaving this thread open so that users like @Afflicted can respond with evidence to back up their claims. It seems only fair, given the severity of his accusations, that he have the right to prove that he knows moderators on SST, that he was told I don't use geometric dilution, that I have no proper equipment, that I use cheap vials and stoppers, that I have shit presentation/packaging, that I tried to scam his friend with bunk HGH, etc.. I wouldn't want this thread to be closed or deleted as, shou
  7. Hi all, I was turned on to Northern Lifters and advised this might be a good place for me to branch out to. I was naturally a bit disappointed to come here and see a number of things said about me that I don't believe to be true. Now, I don't know who you are, Afflicted, and I''m not one to make things personal, but I will address them one by one: 1. "Been there since october with one bloodwork posted and yet they are a verified lab now ya right lol. This is true! I have only been on SST since October. I do have more than customer who has posted bloodwork, but so far all bloods are o
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