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  1. I'm a little late to the party but I've talked about it here and on other forums how I don't care to participate in lab vs. lab drama. Admittedly when affliction first started gutting me here, I was pretty upset about it. I didn't know he was Genetech or any other lab for that matter, it was just some guy saying outrageous lies about me, which were fairly easy to disprove. It sucks but that's how some guys do business. I will say that in early March I did reach out to affliction to try to clear the air because he continues to say some pretty tasteless things about me on other Canadian boards, but we were unable to come to any resolution and I'll leave it at that. I can't speak for the owner of Genetech (if they themselves aren't affliction) but I do think when someone represents your brand, you ought to take some responsibility for how they promote you and disparage your "competition". I've worked cooperatively with a few Canadian labs and I can see a stark difference in how some guys operate versus others. A lot of the Canadian scene is reps masquerading as "vets" and spouting nonsense about competition. I've been accused of being a sex offender (wtf) as well as being a reseller for BodyTech. Admittedly I take the former more personally than the latter, but it doesn't end there of course and all sorts of really awful things get said for the sake of securing sales. There is a user, Taureau, who used to be here who now runs a board where he allows disgusting shit to be said about other sources, myself very much included. When I asked him if I could be given a chance to respond to any of the accusations, he said I'm not welcome there and if I want to say anything I can say it to him only. Realizing now that he's a source on the same board that he runs it makes sense, but man, it sucks. At the end of the day it should be about the gear and the service, but some guys don't do business like that. @Ridgeback I don't doubt Genetech makes good gear. I've never tried or nor had I heard of it until I was being attacked by their rep (who is fairly open about repping for them?), but I don't see much in the way of bad stuff said about them. That being said, it's clear the way their management operates is too permissive of shit slinging other operations. I don't have online reps, but if one of my guys acted like that I would be personally reaching out to the source they were disparaging and apologizing. Now I don't expect I'll get an apology all this time later or anything, it doesn't keep me up at night, but personally it just gives that "bad first impression" to have a brand's reps coming after you and then the boss not doing anything about it, not owning it, etc.. Own your shit, take responsibility for your reps' actions. There are other big Canadian labs that make mistakes and publicly apologize for those mistakes on open forums. Sorry for the longwinded rant!
  2. Thanks to everyone who took their time to hear "my side" of the story. I'm happy to say I'll be sticking around here, you can find my dedicated thread below:
  3. At the end of the day @Affliction and I wanted the same thing, which was to help provide Canadians with good gear, he just wanted to be sneaky about how he led you to the line of products that he makes money off of, while I prefer to avoid all that bullshit. It has to be stressful, I would think. Thank you to everyone who kept an open mind and allowed me to speak. The evidence speaks for itself, obviously. Hopefully I can hang out here more moving forward.
  4. We could try to be diplomatic instead of confrontational. If I removed the image of my presentation, which does not reveal pricing, contact information, or in any way offer the sale of my brand's product, would you feel more comfortable with this thread? Were you the one who hid/deleted my initial post to begin with, despite it not containing that image? I just assume you're friends, maybe you hate the guy, but I do take notice of the posts that you add likes to, and I noticed you liked one of his disparaging me without any proof of that. I do also peruse other boards, CJM, Meso, etc.., so I suppose I extrapolate from what I see there, as well. I'd be happy to revoke any implication that you like each other. Do you think I'm out of line for assuming you're friends? More out of line than, say, banning me, removing my posts, and allowing claims from Affliction to stand without any proof of those? All of the above are genuine questions, I'd prefer to have an amicable relationship moving forward.
  5. You'd prefer that claims about the quality of my packaging and presentation were not permitted to be challenged? No one has been PM'd and I have not provided my contact information or product/price list here. If anything you have your friend Affliction to thank for making my name known around these parts, I suppose had you deleted his posts instead, I wouldn't be here. I am interested in any sponsorship opportunities, though.
  6. Although I'm not a sponsor here, I would definitely appreciate if the mods/admins would consider leaving this thread open so that users like @Afflicted can respond with evidence to back up their claims. It seems only fair, given the severity of his accusations, that he have the right to prove that he knows moderators on SST, that he was told I don't use geometric dilution, that I have no proper equipment, that I use cheap vials and stoppers, that I have shit presentation/packaging, that I tried to scam his friend with bunk HGH, etc.. I wouldn't want this thread to be closed or deleted as, should I be guilty of all of the above, it wouldn't be right to hide these infractions from the public eye. Oh, and my packaging is shit, too: @Afflicted let's pony up. Let's prove what is fair to prove. You can say I use cheap packaging, vials, and stoppers, and the above image can't prove it's not cheap. Sure, it looks pretty as fuck, but maybe I paid $0.20 per empty vial instead of $0.25. Maybe my labels only look and feel fantastic because they're waterproof vinyl from a professional printer, but it's totally possible I exploited cheap labour and they're actually laced with formaldehyde. We can't can't prove that all the reviews are real or fake, but let's email SST modmail and validate your claims. Claims we can prove or disprove by emailing SST moderators: 1. You claim you have a friend who is an SST Mod - Easy, we both email, cc each other in the emails, their email is [email protected] They only respond through the group email, so your personal friend would have their identity hidden. 2. You claim I don't have proper equipment - Easy, we ask SST. I provided them with timestamped images of everything. You claim I don't have a fumehood, no calibrated dispenser, no unguator (true, I have a V-mixer). Let's run this question by them. The admins here are letting me speak freely now, and I'm going to make the most of the opportunity. It seems whomever it was that you expected to censor me isn't able to anymore, so let's go. Back up your claims or come clean about your real agenda. It's not "peoples' health". I'd bet my bottom dollar that you sell someone's gear, don't you? Could the one and only Afflicted actually be a rep? Stay tuned... At the end of the day, I'm not here to pick on anyone. I don't sling shit about other labs. I don't attack the big conglomerate. Y'all will be fine. I'm not putting a rep in every province. I've avoided the Canadian specific boards because for years I trusted "Veterans" who were nothing more than Reps. They rely on their $5-20 per vial sales commission. They have fancy flairs and they gang up on new guys, asking "Who are you to have an opinion?" "stick around and you'll learn something from the vets" "trust your source" etc.. It's exhausting. I'm only here because someone appeared to have asked a genuine curious question about me, and a "vet" came in and dumped verbal diarrhea all over this thread and, in turn, my name. Now, instead of just sitting back and letting the Canadian boards be Canadian boards, I'm here to call bullshit. @Afflicted could have chosen to just ignore this thread and let it fizzle out. Barely anyone would have seen my name. Instead, he chooses to lie about me, and not subtly, either, he chooses to make claims that can be proven or disproven. Prove your claims, and dump the emails re: the HGH too. All of them, in full. Or stick to "guiding youngsters in the proper direction" on other boards. Don't worry, I'm not trying to take CJM from your bosses' lab.
  7. Hi all, I was turned on to Northern Lifters and advised this might be a good place for me to branch out to. I was naturally a bit disappointed to come here and see a number of things said about me that I don't believe to be true. Now, I don't know who you are, Afflicted, and I''m not one to make things personal, but I will address them one by one: 1. "Been there since october with one bloodwork posted and yet they are a verified lab now ya right lol. This is true! I have only been on SST since October. I do have more than customer who has posted bloodwork, but so far all bloods are only for Test E or Tren. I agree that more would be nice, that's why I offer an incentive for users to post bloods. I require that they show the date on the paperwork. If you have any more advice on how I can ensure that only legitimate reviews are posted, I will gladly take that into consideration. I only want honest reviews. 2. "They use shit packaging and toppers" How have you come to this conclusion? I use West Superior Flip Offs on top of proper stoppers. What about those do you feel are shit? And packaging? I disagree. I do purport myself to be "no frills"" presentation, but that has to do with labels and graphics. I should really call it "no nonsense". Please, if you have constructive criticism about how I can package my products better, I'd gladly take it into consideration. 3. "and I know for a fact their brewing practices are sub par, they don't even use a flow hood!" I'm afraid you must have me confused with another lab at this point. Where are you getting your information? I have great equipment, I simply don't have a pill press. I think that's the biggest difference between myself and more established labs. It's also something I'm not urgently looking to change as, with your intimate knowledge of sources, you know that they attract a lot of attention these days. 4. "They also tried to scam my buddy selling him fake black tops until my buddy called them out." Nope, but this might be your closest claim to date. I did in fact have a user inquiring about my HGH products after my transition from Meditrope Black Tops to another popular Black Top GH product. We're talking down to the same week that I restocked. Now, not only did I not provide payment instructions, but I actually advised him to go onto a very popular board where the original source of Meditrope products resides to research the product. Not only did I advise him of where to find information, but I even advised him about the custom tops and batch numbers. I had not even OPENED this new shipment of GH yet. This is somewhat my mistake, but I was *extremely* clear with him that I would not ship anything that was not as advertised, and I think we settled that with mutual satisfaction. Since then I've sold out of that GH with no confusion as to its branding (very popular, sourced by many large American operations). Further, I've restocked Meditrope Mauve Tops, and even emailed your friend directly in advance so that he might have first bid on them, as a bit of an apology for his disappointment earlier. Let me know if you'd be interested in purchasing some, though they're almost out of stock again. 5. "They don't even give out tracking ffs" Again, not true. I did make a post specifically saying that I would not send out tracking as a default with every order. In the past, after receiving an order, I'd ship the order the same or next business day and, without being asked, supply the tracking number for each parcel to each respective client. I only ceased my unwritten policy of defaulting to sending it. Now usually I still just send it, especially on a "slow" day, but under no circumstances does a client get told "no" if they ask for their tracking. I actually think my service here is above bar, as historically I haven't had sources send me tracking by default, but it's been a long time since I've been in the ordering game myself so I understand if times have changed and you think that customers having to request their tracking is unreasonable. Onto the next one: 1. I suppose this is true, anyone can make and add multiple accounts, but I do believe the moderators would probably become privvy to this fairly quickly, as they did with another popular Canadian source over on another major US board (can I say board names?). Anyways, I'm not here for a hit and run, I run no shill accounts, nor do I need to. I believe most of the posters who have commented in my thread and left reviews have well-known names, but unfortunately I suspect you'll always claim shill despite the fact that, once again, you claimed above I only have 1 or 2 reviews? Oof this is big one. 1. "I know about the brewing because I know a mod from there quite well who discussed his application with me." Care to say which one? I have a feeling this isn't true! Again, I'm sure you're a nice fellow who perhaps is confusing SST with another board. Maybe you don't remember who the moderators are, but we could certainly test this. Let's both email the SST modmail with your claim, they can respond via the modmail to conceal the identity of the moderator whom you spoke to, and confirm that any of them know who you are or speak about applications. I would love to see how this pans out. 2. "He doesn't use geometric dilution or an ungator for his orals." I don't use geometric dilution? How'd you catch me on this one? Did you watch me mix my last batch of Aromasin? OR did I put in my SST application that "Hey guys I don't use geometric dilution but I'm doing my best!". You are however correct I don't have an unguator (is this the word you mean to use?). I have a V-mixer. Different type of equipment, similar end goal. 3. "He definitely has not invested in a calibrated digital dispenser for filling, no autoclave, no flow hood, and uses cheap vials and stoppers." *Citation needed* 4. Re: GH. Post the emails my man! Like I said, I was very disappointed as well that when I ran out of the Meditropes I failed to keep track of stock. I thought I had some left and I was wrong. I didn't send payment information to your friend, and directed him to the proper forum to find more information. There was *definitely* no attempt to scam him here. I'd appreciate if you posted the emails in full because it's candid. I'd like people to see how I present myself when I've made a mistake. What I don't do, though, is lie. What I don't do, though, is conceal the true account of events. I can understand if this interaction got misconstrued, I would even understand your apprehension afterwards, but I think our closing emails at the time were very much friendly and I like to think there was a mutual understanding. Maybe he can chime in? 5. I can't comment on the reviews, man. You think multiple sources on a board pay a guy named King of Carbz to hype them all up? I don't know. I'm too cheap for nice vials but you think I'm paying shills to say my Tren is good to go. I do think you're being candid here regarding the GH. I think the way that could have been communicated between yourself and your friend may have not told the full story. I understand the disappointment, I was good on the Meditrope Black's for 20-40 kits at a time, and then my "connection" there begin to fail on me. The generics I brought in are very good, but you're right, I prefer the name brand recognition that TheProvider's products bring. That's why I've worked to establish a new connection here, that's why I've brought in the Meditrope Mauve Tops. Just a head's up, though, they're all Chinese. I think your last line about that makes it a bit confusing. Anyways, I hope that clears some things up. I apologize if I've stepped on any toes in coming here, but I think it's a bit unfair to see my name being wrongly disparaged. @Affliction I do invite you to take me up on that offer regarding your friendship with the SST moderators. I've been speaking with a few of them quite candidly the last couple of weeks and I think they'd be happy to clear up what equipment I've shown in my application, whether it's the fume hood, dispenser, v-mixer, autoclave, UV well, or otherwise. I'd be happy to continue this conversation and others. I hope that over time you can perhaps come to find I'm not the guy you think I am, nor do I neglect my operation the way you've claimed.
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