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  1. So does anyone have a brand to use then?
  2. Yeah. Thanks for replying. Just wondering if it’s worth the expense of getting the pharma grade stuff shipped. It’s crazy expensive. I would assume that if you buy a good reputable organic mct with no fillers or preservatives just 100% mct from coco nuts , it should be good. $300 for pharma grade on one site with shipping and duties is a bit crazy. Another site has Parma grade for about $80 cad plus shipping and duties and all that so it’s just crazy. Can’t find a good pharma source here in Canada at all. I want to use the best but if there’s no difference, then I’d like to keep my $300. Lol
  3. Thanks bro. Is the mct that you buy pharma grade? Does that even matter??
  4. Any recommendations on a good mct oil here in Canada? Can’t seem to find my usual mct lean pharma grade oil anywhere!
  5. What brand of mct oil do you guys use to brew?? And where’s the best place to order?? Thanks guys!!!
  6. Hey guys. Anyone know where to get metformin in Canada??
  7. No reason at all to put solvents In there that are not needed fine sir now excuse me while I whip up a fresh batch with less pip. Lol. My old mentor had me putting in 12%. Thanks for the response bud. I really appreciate it!!!
  8. Why no bb in the test E 250??
  9. Yeah tudca. 6 weeks ago I ran npp, test and anavar for 16 weeks. On trt for 6 weeks. maybe I’ll jump on anavar for the first 4 weeks of my 12 week test/masterone cycle.
  10. Hey guys. I need some input on how long I have to be off anavar before I can run it again?? Been off for 6 weeks. Took 50 mg today and boy to I ever miss it! lol
  11. I don’t see an advantage with liv52 either but I got few bottles so I’m just using them up. I’d take tudca all year if I didn’t have the liv52
  12. I use tudca when on cycle and liv52 when off!
  13. 300-400 mg of caffeine either through pre workout or through caffeine pills along with 20 mg cialis. When on cycle I add 40-50 mg avavar.
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