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  1. Cortisol = a chief reason for abominal a fat Clen is supposed to shred it When I'm on clen I feel strung out like my cortisol is spiked. I don't really know anything about this just a thought I had.
  2. i totally would stop the cycle but I'm just going to super low dose the test and run npp and maybe some tbol. I can't see it making much difference but I will monitor my progress and go straight into pct if it starts getting worse again. I think harsh things to your hairline can be used but you have to be quick about it.Hop off after 2 to 3 weeks. 6 on Tren was obviously a bit too long for me. Still want at least 2 weeks on Tren before pct, ideally, but hair is priority so I'll have to keep a close eye on things and only proceed if the conditions are optimal.
  3. Question for the experts, if I supplement my natural test levels (pre cycle bloods) with the same endogenous levels would that put me at more risk than just going into pct? IE; does endogenous test carry more risk than natural test at the same dosage? I don't think I am very sensitive to test but now that it triggered it may need to be taken out of the equation. I have fin on hand but I don't think it's applicable here. Nizoral is my best bet to keep slowing the shedding while on cycle.
  4. nah nobody in my family is bald and I still have a full head of hair. Never shed before on any cycles. The Tren effect I'd say. Based on what I've heard nobody is truly immune as 99% of the population are signficantly bald past 80, we just have different levels of tolerence.
  5. Took Tren and Test for 6 weeks on recomp and the Tren had me shedding quite a bit suddenly a few days back (Run many test cycles before without losses but this was my first time with tren. I planned on dropping the tren at this point anyway because the middle portion of my cycle was planned to be tbol, npp and test to add some bulk, then I was going to go back to the Tren/Test again to finish off my cycle and harden up. Shedding seems to be subsiding and I've currently decided to cruise on a lower dose of test for a week to let things calm down. Week 7 now and I can either PCT off now, or hit the NPP and Tbol with my test and run that for 4 weeks before another few weeks of tren A. What would you do? Drop the cycle now? PCT after NPP and Tbol (both very easy on the hair), or just do the cycle as planned?
  6. Great anavar a couple years back, but the next time I tried it, it seemed less potent. The test 400 has been solid.
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