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  1. Hematocrit meters are pretty cheap and accurate if you ever felt like you wanted to monitor that in between lab/bloodwork visits. The "Live Like a Viking" YT channel has a vid reviewing an inexpensive one and an expensive one that worked basically identical/results. Again, not plugging Sam over at LLAV on YT, but he has great content that seems applicable very often
  2. My fave bread is Ezekiel 4:9 sprouted grain - Glycemic Index of 36. It's usually found in the freezer section of the natural foods aisle. A Little pricey but given the ultra low GI. I think it is worth it. I'm one of those people that if you load me with simple carbs it's off to snoozey bye bye land lol...
  3. Quite welcome. I had to buy some locally from Shoppers and they ended up costing me about 80cents per for a 1ml syringe and the needle size I needed so this is indeed much cheaper. I had to get after them a bit because f the delay shipping while they were doing inventory but even with, I ordered late last Friday (after close of business) and had them this AM.
  4. So other than being a little slow to ship, apparently as they are doing inventory atm, these guys at Surgo Medical & Surgical Supplies came through as a good source. The prices are as good as I have been able to find and much better than the other 2 sources guys have mentioned on the board here. Regular ground shipping is via Canpar so next day in most of Ontario and at $75 pre shipping($10)/taxes you get free shipping. Anyway, no affiliate links or anything like that just posting my experience. People might pass them by as they look like they might only deal with clinics/hospitals but they do retail off of the website without even making an account. I think this may be why people aren't already really aware or using them, dunno? I bought 1cc syringes with 25G 5/8" removable needles - box of 100, 2 other needles sizes, 25G 1" & 21G 1 1/2" boxes of 100 and a 200 count box of alcohol wipes. All BD brand and the pins were all BD PrecisionGlide. Man, if I had known how thin/smooth the BT Test E was I could have made a little different order and forgone the drawing pins, well next time. I didn't quite make the free ship amount just as I didn't really think hard enough when I was doing it and was kinda rushed but because they were a little delayed they credited back my freight. So for my order even with the freight still incl. it was $80 all in, & $78 and change once the credit was deducted. Arrived this morning and it's all good.
  5. See now that's one of the reasons I really love this place. Nothing but great supportive folks! Thanks man :{)=
  6. ezpz man, I don't really have anything to compare to but after watching soooo many vids and seeing people fight to push stuff in because of the viscosity, all I can say is that ti was so easy I couln't have asked for anything simpler, especially for my first time!
  7. So just officially popped my cherry lol...Pinned a full cc of Test E 250 in my Deltoid. I'm actually a little embarrassed that I was nervous. Between the 25 Gauge pin being so small and sharp and the BT Test flowing so nice and smooth, there was nothing to it. No pain after and sitting here going wtf, that's it lololol...Laugh if you will bit I am so stoked right now, lol.. Thanks again @GameChanger
  8. Welcome aboard. While not really my wheelhouse, I find all of this very interesting, and any day you don't learn something is wasted as far as I am concerned. I look forward to reading the Q&A and expanding my knowledge. When listening to someone that really knows their stuff it's rare that you don't pick up a little gem here and there that can be benefited from personally, as well, regardless of whether or not the over-all focus is directly related to you. All the best.
  9. Hey, if this is still in the works I'd love a black hoodie too. I prfer pullover but zip-up is fine too. 100% cotton is the best to as it washes well and if you're gonna hit it with sweat ti tends to resist smell better than poly/cotton blends. Every hoodie I own is 3X as aside from being a fairly big guy hoodies are like a Linus Blanket, when you're sitting drinking your coffee and catching up on the news or whatever on your tablet you can meld right into them for major comfort factor lol...
  10. Indeed. I'm really excited to get going.
  11. My first order arrived after only ordering it on Wednesday. Thanks @GameChanger , for everything!
  12. Placed my first order from the website on Wednesday. Wife just got home from work and said "Hun, you have a box in the mail"...I was like ermmmm, wonder what that is as I wasn't expecting my order to show up so fast nor would I have thought anything of it if it didn't come until next week. Everything looks awesome and the packaging was super. I just want to say a big thanks to @GameChanger for everything and for the little extra prezzie that arrived with my order. Your order also beat all the rest of my gear getting here so now tomorrow I have to go out locally to find some pins as there is no way I'll be able to wait for my other order to arrive lol. Pic in the pics thread. Will update once I get going.
  13. I've seen a fair amount of posts by guys who just do home phlebotomy . Many of the places that sell pins also sell the kit to do it. Not really much danger, I don't suppose, so long as you educate yourself and maintain hygiene.
  14. The Anatomy of the Hypodermic Needle and Syringe This is probably old news/nothing new for the Vets but for new folks I think it will be helpful. I know that when I started researching it was confusing as hell trying to figure out things like Luer-Lok vs Slip Tip and what needles fit where etc etc. Anyway, I came across the linked page and in a couple of minutes of reading I was all sorted out.
  15. lol, I never understood why bi-weekly can mean both 2X/week and every 2 weeks...thanks for clarifying :{)=
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