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  1. Payless medical Canada has by far the best prices you'll find. their search is a bit of a PITA but other than them Surgo and Life Supply with Surgo having the better stock and Life Supply the better prices on what they have but again, Payless has the best prices and cheap $7 flat rate shipping.
  2. We were able to find Banana Boat products at Shoppers Drug Mart and they are on sale for $9.95 a tube currently. Just make sure to read the label as all of them are not Paraben and Oxybenzone free. We got the "Sensitive" (White tube soft blue/green accents) product because the "Natural" one doesn't seem to be available in canada, or at least no one has it that i could find. Mind the smaller tube that says "Face" on it. It's the exact same product for more money in a smaller tube lol. Burt's Bees has some products as well but again not the entire line and strangely not the sunscreens. I was looking at them for my wife as pretty much her entire make-up table needs to go in the trash lol...
  3. I don't take it daily, but run a cycle of it for 30 days at 3g/day of Inositol and Choline each. I have a multivitamin that I take that has small doses of each for daily maintenance. I take 12/day...so 3grams+. Even still, at these 2 being a 1 month supply, this still worked out the cheapest way to do it in Canada short of bringing in kilos of the stuff from China. I could buy bulk from the US but by the time taxes/duties etc got done with it ouch. So given the price for the month and the fact that this is really only necessary as a protocol perhaps 2x or 3x per year depending on how hard you are on your liver, this is pretty economical based on whatever sources I was able to find in Canada.
  4. So I was watching a recent video by The Lifting Dermatologist and was made aware of something I had no idea aboutr. It's well worth the watch as it's short and to the point. Many, and I mean the majority of commercial products, sunscreens contain not only artificial estrogen but also other endocrine disrupting compounds. The wife and I are both pasty as hell and she has been buying some very expensive "All Natural" SPF60+sunscreen so the first thing I did was go grab it and look at the ingredients. Then I threw it in the garbage, while shes was yelling wtf at me lol....I can't believe how much garbage was in even this supposed all natural product from a very high end manufacturer, like this shit was costing her $50/tube and we have both been using it! Me less thankfully as despite my pastiness I am a very weird combination. My maternal Grandfather is/was 100% Canadian First Nations (although you would never know it to look at me), and quite dark. my father's people are of German descent but most of them were Sinti Romani displaced to parts all over during WWII, my father's people ended up in the Netherlands. I'm pasty as hell until I get any sun really at all and between my mom's side and my dad's, I go quite dark with very little exposure! Anyway, I prefer pasty, on me, and my women lololol although I prefer the term "alabaster" for the ladies :{)= so we use a lot of sunscreen/block I found this handy list with some good Paraben and Oxybenzone (Estrogen) free products. Most of them are prety pricey but the Bananaboat products not so much so and seem to rate highly. Paraben Free Sunscreens
  5. Bit of an update here as well. Nothing to report yet as far as performance enhancement but for the first time I pinned through a 30 gauge pin and it went really well. I wouldn't really suggest drawing through 30g but I have some slin pins here for other PEDs so I thought what the F and backloaded one and was like "WOW". I'm ordering some 30g x 1" right now to swap out the 25g I've been using. there's just no point in stabbing bigger holes with this BT gear! Slick Slick Slick! Also, I'm pinning the Primo every day and 2 shots so far not even a hint of PIP.
  6. Fair enough...Thankfully, even with that variance I'm still within normal range by quite a bit....I'm really eager to see all the stats though once I get the labs done.
  7. The other thing I forgot to mention just now was that with all of the supplements I take, antioxidants, bioflavinoids, I'm OCD with staying hydrated, daily low dose aspirin etc I'd be surprised if my hemtocrit was high but it will be interesting to see just where it is exactly.
  8. Sorry, you are correct and I misspoke and should have said hemoglobin. Not sure about where your doc would get the idea the test at the blood services wasn't reliable as I've seen their numbers compared with outside labwork and they came up virtually identical and also when compared to a home testing unit that I guy I know online has so dunno. I'm not an expert in this area but I think that normal hemoglobin with a high hematocrit is uncommon (perhaps I didn't read that right in my research?), just going from what I have read....but who knows, we'll see when I get the CBC done along with the other tests in the labs.
  9. I'll be reviewing for sure as soon as I get a bit into it. My plan is for a 500mg/week cycle on top of my 300/week Test E. Given the nature of Primo, and the dosages that were prescribed for say AIDS patients to boost their immune system that 500 is just about half way between min and max so shouldn't be any issues. I may even cut my Test E back a bit, as why not if I can, right, but we'll see. Bloods are coming up b4 the end of the month but given how I feel I really don't expect any issues and I already know my hematocrit is bang on normal from my blood donation.
  10. Yup there is but I dunno anything other than it's a bit different substance as in I believe it is Acetate tabletized vs the enanthate ester bonded injectable. The only other thing I have read is that the oral dose is like 100mg/day but everywhere I see it dosed at 10mg give or take, per pill. Way out of my wheelhouse so I can't say anything beyond that. I'm sure the many others here that know far more about it can comment on the oral.
  11. So my latest BT order just arrived. I placed my order yesterday (Thursday 15, August) and it arrived the very next day, today (Friday 16th). It just doesn't get any better than that. My thanks yet again to @GameChanger et all for the wicked fast service. I'm totally stoked (oh gawd am I outting myself as old saying "stoked" lol) to get on the Primo and review it. The Test E is my standard but the Primo is a first time for me. Again, I can't speak highly enough of the service and I am sure the gear will be the same high standard that we are all so spoiled by! To @GameChanger and all else involved my thanks, and sincere appreciation, for the privilege of purchasing from you folks.
  12. I have a really short attention span so I have done a lot of different things. Highest on the food chain I supposes was running a now defunct (not my fault lol...happened after I left) Company in Nova Scotia that specialized in large/high end IT infrastructure design/implementation. it was a teenie tiny little thing when I got on board and when I left it was pretty big and then my former partner ran it into the ground funding his playtime activities off book... During whatever else I was doing I have worked as a nightclub bouncer in some of the roughest joints in Toronto and some of the poshest. Usually I was the one telling the meat-shileds what to do as after my first few years in it it was obvious that's where the money was. I moved around a bit and my crew was known for knocking the shit out of bars that had gotten completely out of control. Drug dealers, chicks getting roofied, fights all the time etc, if you had lost control of the place we were the ones you called to give your club back to you. Since my early 20's I've also been an avid collector so have always maintained a sidleine as a picker/dealer and in later years that has been pretty much a "for hire" finder's fee based sort of thing because of my health issues not making it great for me to be out spellunking in barns and shit looking for treasures.. Now I dabble in a bit of this and a bit of that mostly watching for up and coming tech out of China and trying to get in and out of it while whatever it is is still hot. E-bikes, hover boards were the last 2 that I made some good money on bringing them in b4 anyone else here really even knew they existed. For the most part though, these days I have been primarilly focused on getting my health back to the best place in can be. I let our Canadian Medical System have a go at it and they failed me miserably so now I'm taking things into my own hands and using the degrees I have for some good for a change lol. It's amazing what you can do with the right know how and the dire need of your own health! Short of the pain meds (and I think I even have that solved) that I have no desire to get locked up for acquiring myself, there isn't anything I can't get at this point to to replace mainstream pharmaceuticals and that do just as good a job. That's my plan, to eventually cut doctors completely out of the loop at at level that won't bankrupt the wife and I. Endless money would make it no issue but who has that right!
  13. I was just about post regarding my order, which barring any stupidity from Canada Post, will be here tomorrow according to the tracking. When I ordered I was told shipping out of Barrie Ontario but turns out Barrie didn't have stock which the system doesn't show you. Instead it's coming from Mirabel PQ which is fine, it still comes in the 1-3 days, just Barrie would have been next day for me. No big deal but depending on where you are it might add a day or so but at those prices....who cares right...
  14. Next on my list is Lats...Looks pretty straight forward. The whole point IMHO is to keep the number of pins in the same spot as far apart, in your timeline, as possible to eliminate poking a little hematoma under the skin from the last time....
  15. Indeed. This is in my rotation as well. Little trick to find a first but once you get on to it you'll love it...If you have any definition in it at all you can flex it to make it pop and there you are. Or you can lie on the opposit side, the where you are going to pin, on your bed and slowly bring up your knee and it will pop I did this and got my wife to mark it with a Sharpie marker so that I could map it with my hands until I was comfy just knowing where it was. The monty Python spurt happened to me once and freaked me right the F out. Turns out it's usually just a nick on something on the way out and nothing to be worried about as others have mentioned.
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