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  1. Indeed, my thanks as well, much appreciated. My diplomacy hat has since/already been donated to Goodwill.
  2. I hear you...Have a great day mate and best of luck with that PR!
  3. While it may be easy to forget how immensely knowledgeable Greg Doucette is, based on his comedic, or entertaining delivery, I think you would be hard pressed to find someone more knowledgeable, or with a sounder understanding. IFBB Pro card holder, Power-Lifting World record Holder, PHD level graduate in Kinesiology, I mean the man has smarts all kinds going on, in addition to his physical attributes he has cultivated, not too mention his many years coaching successful athletes. So in so far as expressing his opinions, that may be, but my own experince of him is that he expresses opinions based on fact, and experience, and not on conjecture.
  4. So there's a lot of confusion regarding Masteron and after having looked at it very deeply I can see where a lot of it is coming from.Here is a quote from a particular source, doesn't really matter which one as the same has been said by many. I'll point out where the problems leading to confusion lie. " Masteron is classified as an anti estrogenic steroid. This is because of the ability of the androgenic-anabolic steroid to resist aromatization. Many androgenic-anabolic steroids get converted to the female sex hormone estrogen. This is called aromatization as it is caused or facilitated by aromatase enzymes. Masteron can actually inhibit these aromatase enzymes and block the receptors. This prevents conversions of testosterone to estrogen. The body then has more testosterone available that can be put to good use through workouts. " 1.Masteron is classified as an anti estrogenic steroid. This is because of the ability of the androgenic-anabolic steroid to resist aromatization - Anti-estrogenic? Only in the most facile sense of the term. Sinply because it does not aromatize doesn't make it anti anything it simply means it will not add additional problems or Estradiol as a result of its use. So right off the bat we have a very misleading statement. 2. Masteron can actually inhibit these aromatase enzymes and block the receptors - What is happening here actually is that Masteron binds to SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin), SHBG binds to Testosterone thus decreasing the amount of free Test available to the body. By binding to SHBG Masteron then as a result prevent SHBG from binding to testosterone and frees up more Test ie raises your "Free Testoserone" levels. What was said isn't technically incorrect but how it was expressed isn't clear at all and lends to the confusion. 3. If you look at the product literature for that was initialy disseminate by the manufacturer Syntex they have listed Masteron/Masteril/Drostanolone as a "Powerful" anabolic/anti-estrogenic compound. Now, regardless of the fine points we know that in actual fact it is neither. Whatever effects it does have you are not going to refer to them as "Powerful" - , Masteron: Anabolic/Androgenic Ratio:62:25, that right there tells the truth of it! The FDA (not what anyone would consider an authority on AAS) then classified Drostanolone according to the manufacturer's documentation when they approved it for use thus proliferating the misinformation. So taking that, along with a distinct lack of any realy sound, scientific support for either the manufacturer's claims, or the premise that drostanolone is a powerful anti-estrogenic, or really an anti-estrogenic compound of any sort, I think that although it may be fair to allow some leeway for Masteron not aromatizing and not contributing further to Estradiol issues, inhibiting natural Tesatosterone production (as do many/most AAS) and therefor indirectly decreasing Estradiol levels because there is no natural Testosterone being produced and therfore none being aromatized into Estrogen, I don't think it would be accurate at all to say that Masteron/similar DHT derivs can directly tank Estrogen levels as a result of anything it specifically does differently from any other AAS. On a side note, as is the case with a lot of this stuff, you can look at many, many, web pages and not only will you find completely incorrect information but even info that contradicts itself in the same page/site. the understanding that this is happening and the resulting confusion can go a long way to explaining why people have so many completely botched understandings of things or why "Bro Science" even exists to any extent. Not even mentioning the people that purposely disseminate ambiguous or downright false info purely for their own profit...cough cough Dylan Gemelli. *******Now, aside from all of that PLEASE REMEMBER THAT ONE OF OUR TOP RULES HERE IN THIS COMMUNITY IS TO PLAY NICE AND KEEP THE DISCUSSIONS FRIENDLY AND DEVOID OF ANY PERSONAL ATTACKS OR AD HOMINEM NONSENSE. Just a friendly reminder. Cheers
  5. Exactly. I love the reality of how Coach Greg puts things. Brutally honest but right on point. I've even got my wfe watching his vids and laughing her ass off. Mostly I showed her for the recipes so that she wouldn't get disheartened during dieting. On this topic though he is also very quick to point out that for most people, trying to maintain sub 10% BF full time will basically make you miserable so just don't!
  6. Oh great reaction on their part. try to excuse their shortcomings by pleading the hardships of running a business lol. Jesus Christ, every 3 year old is a fucking flight risk, thats why they need adult supervision! At 3 years old my mom locked me in the backyard in a fenced area, safe right, except for the tv antenna that I climbed, slipped, fell and my guardian angel somehow managed to have the elastic stirrup from my snow pants get hooked on the way down and halt my fall from 30' in the air lol...No idea how long I dangled scrwaming my fool little head off but I was rescued by the milkman who was driving past and saw me from the front of the house, thats how high up I was dangling lolololol...Part of the problem these days is that people seem to have forgotten that kids, easpecially at that age, need constant supervision, PERIOD...Portraying anything else is just lame ass excuses on their part!
  7. At the very least this place sounds like it needs to be audited. the govt sets out very strict guidlines about standards of care like how many caregivers/# of kids etc. I don't remember the numbers but they'd be easy enough to find online for your province. But based on the incidents, and their response, I think it would be wise for the govt to pay them a visit and make sure things are as they should be!
  8. Dude, they are 100% responsible for anything/everything involving the responsible care of your child while intheir custody. No wiggle room. If it happens on their watch it's their fault with 0 ability to rationalize away their ineptenss by saying things like "he knows how to open gates". That's absurd. Is this a "licensed" daycare? Do not under any circumstances sign anything that absolves them of any responsibility and if they try to force you call in the authorities. At this point they already owe you a written apology and assurances in writing that they will improve the quality of supervision to prevent this happening in the future. make that an issue, it's your right! If you didn't already you need to get him to a doc/the hospital to have his head looked at but perhaps even more importantly, documented as you may need this later on. Even though they are 100% responsible for him while in their care, if you knowingly drop him off, with reservations about the quality of the care, you then will share some of that responsibility, or at least that's what they will say if heaven forbid this ever ends up in court for any reason! But again, you need to get him to the doc/hospital to have his head looked at and documented!
  9. No one is condemning you for asking questions but no one can responsibly give you accurate and safe, helpful guidance without a profile of your personal info like age, over-all health, BMI (height, weight, etc). In addition, I can see other questions you have asked that show clearly you are new to this and seem to have some mistaken notions about AAS, and obviosusly have been watching or reading a lot of doom/gloom content because you're worrying about thigs like caber, letrazole before even having run a single cycle of anything not to mention looking at advanced AAS without ever having even used supplementa Test. You're just getting way ahead of yourself and as much as anyone wants to help, they're also trying to slow your roll a bit for your own good/benefit and trying to get a pic of where you are at now. Even something as simple as knowing your age is hugely relevant. If you are working out for 2 years and tell us you are say 20 years old, no one is likely to tell you that AAS are things you should be messing about with. If you aren't planning on trying to become a pro BB or PL then AAS simply aren't a good idea purely for vanity issues at young ages but unless we have the info we need regarding your profile, again, no one can advise you responsibly.
  10. Late reply here but I managed to miss getting back to this thread somehow, after planning to. 1st, Test is not a fat burner and is not correctly used to burn body fat or to lose weight. There are AAS that can promote lean mass or will help spare muscle while operating in a caloric deficit but in and of themselves they do not cause nor should they be used as a weight/fat loss modality. A lot of people though get the mistaken idea that AAS can be used in this fashion as they see people who are on cycle losing body fat, getting ripped etc and think "oh, those steroids sure make you lose fat" but you won't ever see anyone ripped that got there without the right diet and an appropriate workout plan. Using myself as an example, since I started back on Test E I have dumped a lot of weight and I haven't really been working out that much so it could appear that the Test is the root cause of the weight loss. The fact is though that at the same time I went back on test E I also did a complete about face in diet, I wasn't working out at all previously so even the little I am now is more, the supplemental Test also got my Test/Estradiol ratio back to the correct place which removes the propensity for storing belly fat that comes along with having excessive estrogen levels in your body. The point is that although the Test E has been a helper in all of this, it wouldn't/didn't do it alone and wouldn't be successful if just used in a weight/fat loss capacity. My need to supplement Test is linked to health issues I have and I have had opportunities a' plenty to put what I have just said to the test (pardon the bad pun) and I can say with certainty that even though the test help because of my out of balance hormone levels, if my levels were that of a healthy, normal male, I could have achieved all of the weight/fat loss without any supplemental Test at all. The change in diet was the biggest factor and adding even the light work-out schedule was the other biggest, and necessary, change that resulted in the positive outcome..
  11. Will be interested to hear your review. I'd be very surprised, and skeptical to be honest, to hear that this stuff is of any value at all. There is little to no science at all, and no solide studies, that show any of this stufff actually leads to weight loss directly on its own. The GBB that is/was a buzz boosts Carnitine but even that has been shown to be of most effect in people that are deficient. Honestly that looks like a fair bit of money down the toilet!
  12. hehehe...I love these guys, they're hilarious, on top of being informative!
  13. To the best of my knowledge they rarely answer mails on Weekends. Just like the rest of us they have lives outside of this world and do not take it home with them for the weekend. I'm not sure what issue you are having sending email to them but I would suggest that you wait until Monday and try again then. Guys, lets not clutter this "REVIEW" thread up with non review related chatter please. We know that emailing the rep is what is required currently, reading this thread's most recent posts will tell everyone that. Beyond that there is nothing anyone from NL here can do about contact issues. Your best bet is to monitor this site, as in the event there were problems, of anything approaching an extended nature, I am sure our amazing BT Rep would let us all know, just as he did when he gave us the heads up to email him while the site is under construction. I will add that "patience is a virtue" and should be practiced at all times when contatcting our Reps. They have always got a lot on their plate and it may take a breath or two for them to get back to you. Realistically there is generally nothing so crucial that it wil suffer from a day or 2 waiting for a response, if it in fact takes that long. Cheers.
  14. @Mindstar As the Rep mentioned, in this very thread, you can email him. Until such time that the site is back up from being updated/under construction, that is the only option. Any other questions you might have, put them in the email to send along with. Cheers.
  15. @GainTrain Oh and btw, I completely forgot to thank you for posting your thoughts along with the pics. that's really the format we would like everyone to follow. Appreciate you taking the time and putting in the effort to support us in this! Cheers.
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