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  1. But YT is just the tip of the iceberg for him. He's really interesting when you go a little deeper. He's just marketed a new Berberine product as well that is worth looking into. It's not entirely unique but given his background I would trust it. It's also a great laternative to Metformin that a lot of people utilize but recently I have come to doubt the benefits vs downsides of metformin after watching Stan Efferding, whom I really believe in, really beat the shit out of using etformin unless you're diabetic of course
  2. I can say honestly that my wife is better on it than not, in the winter, as she suffers from SAD. I'm currently on 10,000 IU full time and I have her on 4000/8000 summer/winter. There's no mistaking the positive impact in my eyes after being with her for 12 years now and having tons of time in to recollect and go by. Anyone that knows me knows I'm a huge fan/follower of Dr Rand and he is very vocal about 10k IU/day ful time, and especially if running gear. Thats good enough for me and given how cheap it is.... @BobTheOldLifter Out of curiosity what marker are you watching? Total?
  3. "Gender fluid? What, you mean like cum? That's what I call my gender fluid!" Lee Priest 2019....bwahahahahaha
  4. Historically, the PPM of CO2 in our atmosphere has been over 5000. Currently its what 500 or something give or take. Oh and the "cow farts" thing was a joke but I remember watching some climate zealot shrieking about the methane and CO2 from bovine flatulence and almost falling out of my chair laughing at the sheer ridiculousness of their demented panic! I'm just waking up so please excuse the edits as my brain clears. The minute the leftist/globalist machine tried to pull that 97% of scientists agree shit it was all over. You put 1000 people in a room and try to get a 97% consensus about
  5. Bingo! Yup thats me lol, like a tomato! I honestly didnt try extended and titration so I'll give it a whirl and see how I make out. Like most stuff start low and go slow, I should have just tried that just got so annoyed at the bloody flush. its one of the reasons I wont use anything with beta Alinine if I can at all avoid it, that flush and itch lol... thanks for the coming info on the k2, I appreciate it.
  6. I forgot to mention. I take just the bare min of Niacin as no matter what brand or type I can't escape the flush and I hate it, even all of the non flush ones I react to so what can ya do. Resveratrol I used to take but then I read a couple of studies about brain atrophy and although likley not a concern for healthy sorts with my health issues and the related cognitive impact I thought it best to forgo. Just something to think about for anyone with similar issues. I want to add K2 as I really should and somehow really sort of missed the benefits until recently. If you have a brand th
  7. Indeed. It definitely costs me more in supplies but I backfill everything. Doesn't matter what gauge I am pinning with, that needle never hits the vial. I've sen both ends of the argument but all I can say is personally I always feel and see the difference pinning with a fresh vs vial stuck needle.
  8. Indeed. Agreed! There is no way you have maxxed your genetic potential as of yet unles you are the exception to every rule. At 18 years old, unles you have a medical issue of some sort, your Test levels will already be as high or higher naturally, most likley, than old puds like me, at 54, and pinning 150mg-300mg/week depending on what I'm up to at the time. You are quite literally at the easiest time of your life to build a physique naturally! 1. Clean up your diet. I'm sure there is room for improvment in a direction that will help you get better results 2. 14% BF accordi
  9. I am a huge fan of Choline/Inositol/Methianine for starters. This combination at 3grams/day of each, for 30 days, run once per quarter or 3 times a year depending on your substance use, is as good or better than any pharma for clearing out the sludge from your liver, the one caveat being any fatty liver issues as a result of alcohol use, lol...I also supplement lower doses of each daily at 300mg per supplement. I also use Omega 3 at 4grams each of the 2 per day. I supplement with Ashwagandha dosed at 300-1000mg per day depending on the concentration of the product I can get at any gi
  10. I agree. I had a brief stint where my BP shot up and my first step was to dial back the AAS I was using that seemed most obvious to be the culprit. It turned out to be a combination of things, one AAS related and one not at all but dialing back the PED effectively nipped the issue in the bud. Many docs that are experienced in the field will tell you that unless your BP is way off the charts the imminent danger is very much overblown unless you have a known history of cardiac issues or a genetic predisposition for catastrophic cardiac events. Dr Rand MClian for example has been a very voca
  11. I've never run what could be considered high doses of Masteron but at 300mg/week the one thing that I can say it is excellent for, in my case anyway, is eliminating any excess fluid that i was carrying and that includes any that was causing any level of edema in my lower quadrants. I have had an issue with edema for quite some time, completely unrelated to PEDs and as soon as I started using Masteron it basically vanished. Previously I used diuretics that whille effective had their own issues and I can say honestly that the Masteron is significantly more effective. At 300mg/week it hasn't seem
  12. Indeed. The conversion from rodent dose to human dose also makes a massive difference in what dose you are looking at that MAY cause a problem related to cancer.. If I recall, from memory, the factor for the conversion is .16 so that would equate to a danger dose of about 1.6mg/kg for humans so for a 100kg human (220lbs) or 160mg/day. Thats is well above anything any sane person would take. So based on that I would posit that cardarine really doesn' pose much of a threat to cause cancer in humans so long as you stick to a safe dose and cycles.
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