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  1. Hey man ! I dont know if we can source here but you can scroll back on page to see the rep name! Or you can go on their brand new website
  2. Just recieved my stack that only took 2 delivery day !!! Here's a pic Cheers to @GameChanger for everything!
  3. Very nice rep ! Just bought my first order today from BT and can't wait to try that out !
  4. Hey thanks guys for all those advice!
  5. EDIT:Will probably drop the masteron and put ghrp6 in the cycle!
  6. Hey jet! Thanks for your reply my experience with tren im in love with that compound always runned it @ 400 coupled with 600 to 750 test and never had real bad side effects except for that damn sweat oily skin and bacne ahah this time i wanna add a little plus with some oral but i dont really know wich one would be the best and for hcg ill add it till 1st week like you said :)!! Ps:I speak french mainly so my english could be bad a little
  7. Hahaha sorry for the bad information about my fat % just wanted to be humble and not say a % too low im going to be pinched this week tho!
  8. Yeah i aim 230 then ill cut it up who said that i got to Be shredded as hell for summer? Plus im saying 20% but i got to be tested again last time i got tested is like 6 or 7 months ago... here's a picture of me right now i wanna add some more muscle mate!
  9. Hey! First time posting here i wanted to know your thought on my next bulk cycle. Would go with 12 weeks of: Test E 600mg/week Tren E 400mg/week Mast E 400mg/week CAUSE I LOVE IT! Arimidex .5 eod Will run hcg week 3 to 12 @ 250ui twice/week Caber, nolva on hand and livercare all year long now i hesitate for this one should i go for anadrol , superdrol or dianabol anadrol would be nice but realy harsh with the tren.. So what you think? IT IS NOT my first time running tren! Little specs: my age 25 im 214 at 5'10 20%bodyfat Edit: no pct cause im blast and cruising
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