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  1. Man that’s why I like you , your honest with us but your just as honest with yourself , you broke diet and you know you did but you have a plan with what your going to do about it. Eventually you will get nuts like me , when my kids want pizza or Wendy’s I just do a heavy back day or something I know is going to expend a bunch of calories, not only do I get food that tastes great but I get a great workout . Win win ! just don’t make it a habit and you will be fine , in case you haven’t noticed everything we do with this stuff is about balance.
  2. @Rosconow as Seth Feroce says you got to get chubby to get big , but when you can’t see your dick you went too far.
  3. I know man and your weak as shit , still looks good tho , if I wasn’t married and still chasing the women . I’d try to be there . My wife is the last I’ll chase , frankly I scored over my head with her.
  4. @Rosconow thanks for posting that chart , this will help a lot of people before they post .
  5. It’s 100% his maturity level holding him back , I’m not even trying to be a dick here , I do think the kid has some issues. This isn’t the right time to be thinking about AAS for him, he feels we are all against him but it’s not the case we are looking out for his health and safety but he doesn’t want to hear it, we have done this for older members , I have to keep relating back to @whatsup he’s the poster boy for advice and change ,even came off gear for a time and look at the drastic changes.
  6. I’m going to take the high road on this one and not even comment , other than how do you apologize for your actions and then post a vid like that , your right about one thing you posted tho, it’s about to get you banned and we won’t be seeing you in two months, bro it’s not AAS you need, it’s mental health intervention.
  7. Listen brother I’m a lot older than you , trust me when I say this , the battle will never be over with this stuff mine still rages on. Just hold on and enjoy the ride , it’s a lifestyle.
  8. Best one I seen was on a little souped up Honda Civic wtf !
  9. @eightyeight14 you should take the time to look at @whatsup log there is a man you can learn from !
  10. When the time comes and I mean when it comes , your only going to be running one compound and it’s only going to be a moderate dose of test nothing more. And your not touching letrozol , you only use an AI when symptoms appear. And it won’t be letrozol , your doing great natty with creatine right now keep your diet on point keep your protein up. To be honest man I only use very minimal gear, most guys here actually try to keep their doses low , keeps your sides down , and remember it’s easier to come up a little then come down and make it work. I don’t think you will get our blessing until you shed a few more pounds and a little more bodyfat , we enjoy working with you , you take advice well , you work with the information you are receiving, and you can take criticism well , so when cycle times comes we are going to help you with what your goals are and pick the perfect cycle for you. We wish we had more of you here. You got this brother !
  11. Ok brother I was happy to play along even help a bit so you didn’t get hurt , but I draw the line when you tell a mod to fuck off , your done brother.
  12. Exaggerating? Why would we do that ? It doesn’t hurt us what you do ? We are trying to keep you from harming yourself, at 24 years old your test is as high as some older guys on gear, I believe it was bad judgement on your part , but again your body your choice , don’t come on a board and expect someone like the guys here with loads of experience not to step in when they see a mess and a train wreck coming a mile away, we all help each other ,
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