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  1. @Ryujiinis correct with his analogy too many cooks in the kitchen things tend to get burned, Not to mention it cuts deeply into profits you are paying inflated rent due to the nature of your business as well as plain sight security not to mention you are paying folks to keep their mouth shut just not good.
  2. Are you married ? If so then you already know the biggest pain in the ass so this is nothing brother Good luck with your procedure.
  3. Purple panda is top quality raws and they would not be here if they were subpar . So if you can’t back these claims and I find out there is an agenda here you will be banned this is your only warning , I will contact them myself and get to the bottom of it . And you just joined under an hour ago and no introduction just straight to the review section to bash a sponsor I don’t have to tell you how that looks. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team.
  4. Can you show proof of these claims ? I’m sorry but with the level of honesty on the Internet I’m skeptical with someone saying this without solid proof . I assume you also dissolved it and measured the rate it dissolved and what the outcome was when it dissolved , Did you know Hcg completely dissolves into a liquid while HGH remains clumpy .
  5. No problem Sir , My advice to you would be get a good few solid cycles under your belt gain experience and then if you must , Dabble with Tren low and slow , It is a great drug but one that also needs to be respected. Talk to a few members get their experiences gain insight, I know myself I love Tren but Tren hates me. I just stay away now at my age. Hope this helps . Good luck with your run CBDB.
  6. Ok Sir , Tren will cause trensomina , night sweats , jealousy if you have a wife or girlfriend you will think they are cheating on you , Could ruin your relationship, if you are an asshole it will turn you into a bigger asshole, some people have violent outbursts, But on the other hand some guys are fine the more experienced guys know how to handle it. We have a staff member here that when he uses it he goes to his cottage until his blast is done and he is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet , If you must run it I am always cautious with my advice I would only start with 150mg per week o
  7. @brett8431 I have to ask but have you ever used Tren ? By reading that I’ll just go with you haven’t, I’d like to know your history and experience with peds because Tren isn’t a beginner drug and it’s no joke you have to be ready for it. If you have mental health issues or have any in your family probably best to leave it alone. But if you are ok with it then less is best starting out. Please tell us your history first before we make recommendations.
  8. I agree with @Blitzon this the caber is a touch overkill on this cycle , I’d use as necessary but I don’t think you will need it , As @Blitzsaid look at the caber sides , You can’t even look at it and say is the risk worth the reward, Just keep it on hand just in case I’m not a fan of running unnecessary compounds with a just in case scenario. Good luck keep us posted. CBDB.
  9. @GeneticFreak2020 Thank you , I knew you would resolve this .
  10. @GeneticFreak2020is right here I’ve worked with this Gentleman in the past on some business . @jovenile please work with him he is very reasonable and capable and has been in this game a long time you are in good hands , as far as I’m concerned you no longer need my assistance I have all faith that @GeneticFreak2020will take care of you.
  11. @jovenile With all due respect sir you joined under an hour ago and your first post was to air a grievance with a lab ? When you did not introduce yourself tell us anything about your background, You have no credibility here yet and put this in a public post which was your first strike , You are off to a shakey start my friend. You first contact your lab/rep as you said you did if nothing comes from that contact . Then you move to step 2 contact one of our support staff and if you are not happy with the result from them then move to step 3 Come to one of us on the Admin Team and we can usually
  12. @Fizzyx Very creative indeed, IMO I would drop those tabs and get stand alone nolva , clomid and HCG very solid tried and true pct, As @Fizzyxstated is accurate the proviron is suppressive and not necessary in there . And the cialis should only be used if necessary. Good Luck.
  13. That is exactly what she grabbed me brother .
  14. Ive Been using the right guard old school stuff but they switched from 48h to 72hr formula that’s when it all started, Wife got me this other stuff it’s like an odd shape rock and it is working so far.
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