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  1. No fishing brother , I know you say you ordered but it’s coming off as fishing.
  2. As I told a few of you , Be patient it was being worked on, I believe we have 99% of our members taken care of now, these types of situations take some time to resolve but we value our members and take care of them. Transpharma is a long established lab and I assure they are fine and good to go. I myself have the confidence in them to order without worry.
  3. I’m with @Corey5150 on this , wait for your results you don’t want to guess with this.
  4. 1) Wash your hands Wash your hands with soap and warm water to prevent potential infection. Be sure to thoroughly scrub between fingers, on the backs of hands, and under fingernails. The Center for Disease recommends lathering for 20 seconds — the time it takes to sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice. 2) Gather all needed supplies Assemble the following supplies: needle and syringe with medication alcohol pads gauze puncture-resistant container to discard the used needles and syringe — typically a red, plastic sharps container bandages 3) Locate injection site To isolate the muscle and target where you’ll place the injection, spread the skin at the injection site between two fingers. The person receiving the injection should get into a position that’s comfortable, provides easy access to the location, and keeps the muscles relaxed. 4) Clean injection site Clean the site selected for injection with an alcohol swab and allow the skin to air dry. 5) Prepare syringe with medication Remove the cap. If the vial or pen is multi-dose, take a note about when the vial was first opened. The rubber stopper should be cleaned with an alcohol swab. Draw air into the syringe. Draw back the plunger to fill the syringe with air up to the dose that you’ll be injecting. This is done because the vial is a vacuum and you need to add an equal amount of air to regulate the pressure. This also makes it easier to draw the medication into the syringe. Don’t worry — if you forget this step, you can still get the medication out of the vial. Insert air into the vial. Remove the cap from the needle and push the needle through the rubber stopper at the top of the vial. Inject all of the air into the vial. Be careful to not touch the needle to keep it clean. Share on Pinterest Withdraw the medication. Turn the vial and syringe upside down so the needle points upward and pull back on the plunger to withdraw the correct amount of medication. Share on Pinterest Remove air bubbles. Tap the syringe to push any bubbles to the top and gently depress the plunger to push the air bubbles out. Share on Pinterest 6) Self-injection with a syringe Insert the needle. Hold the needle like a dart and insert it into the muscle at a 90-degree angle. You should insert the needle in a quick, but controlled manner. Do not push the plunger in. Share on Pinterest Check for blood. Using the hand that’s holding the skin at the injection site, pick up your index finger and thumb to stabilize the needle. Use your dominant hand — the one that did the injection — to pull back on the plunger slightly, looking for blood in the syringe. Ask your doctor if this is needed for the type of medicine you will be injecting, as it’s not required for all injections. If you see blood going into the syringe, it means the tip of the needle is in a blood vessel. If this happens, withdraw the needle and begin again with a new needle, syringe with medication, and injection site. It’s rare to have this happen. If you don’t see blood going into the syringe, the needle is in the correct place and you can inject the medicine. Share on Pinterest 7) Inject the medication Push the plunger slowly to inject the medication into the muscle. Remove the needle Withdraw the needle quickly and discard it into a puncture-resistant sharps container. Don’t recap the needle. A sharps container is a red container that you can purchase at any pharmacy. It’s used to collect medical waste, like needles and syringes. You shouldn’t put any of these materials into the regular garbage, as needles can be hazardous to anyone who handles the trash. 9) Apply pressure to the injection site Use a piece of gauze to apply light pressure to the injection site. You can even massage the area to help the medicine be absorbed into the muscle. It’s normal to see slight bleeding. Use a bandage if necessary.
  5. @Ben6687 pm me your order number , we are clearing them as we get them , if I recall he is working on yours ,
  6. Ok Everything is good to go now there was a backlog caused by a former rep , I have been working tirelessly with the new rep , I’ve had been dealing with the new rep and daily contact even if he took a day or two to get back to me I was answered, We have worked together to get you valuable members taken care of , Transpharma is 100% good to go ! Contact the transpharma rep .
  7. Dr.John Crisler swears by sub-q injections , He says you do use less product due to absorption, he says 80mg testosterone sub-q would be equal to 100mg inter muscular. But there are a lot of reports of users getting painful lumps and a higher risk of infection.
  8. You didn’t look too hard brother ! China extends doping crackdown, criminalizes more offences Source: Xinhua| 2019-11-19 15:07:36| QINGDAO, China, Nov. 19 (Xinhua) -- China's new laws governing doping offences will see a hard line being taken on those behind illegal doping activities, including distributors, coaches, officials, and producers of banned substances. The country's Supreme People's Court on Monday brought long-heralded criminal punishments for certain doping activities into law, as it announced judicial interpretations on the application of criminal law in handling cases related to doping, which will go into effect on January 1, 2020. China Anti-Doping Agency (CHINADA) CEO Chen Zhiyu said one of the focuses of the change in legislation is to crack down on those behind the scenes, rather than simply punishing athletes. "At the recent World Conference on Doping in Sport, the International Olympic Committee said the fight against doping needs governmental support. That's what China has been doing," said Chen on Tuesday, who is in Qingdao to attend the 2019 National Anti-Doping Law and Regulation Training session. The changes are aimed at criminalizing such activities as the trafficking and illegal business operation of banned substances, and forcing, organizing, luring or cheating minors or people with disabilities into using performance-enhancing drugs. The production and sale of banned drugs will also be subject to criminal punishments. According to the new interpretations, government officials could spend time behind bars if they abuse their power or are negligent in their managerial role of doping control. China's move shines a light on a prevailing problem in the fight against doping. At the World Conference on Doping in Sport, IOC president Thomas Bach pointed out that guilty athletes are not the only culprits, as they are "supported and sometimes even driven to or forced into doping by a secretive network which may include coaches, agents, dealers, managers, officials from government or sports organizations, doctors, physiotherapists or others." But when it comes to sanctioning those people, "the power of sports organizations is extremely limited." Bach said. A regulation released by China's State General Administration of Sport in 1998 mentioned "executive punishments" on officials in addition to bans and fines for coaches. The 2014 Anti-Doping Management Regulation of China introduced punishments for government officials ranging from warnings to dismissals. "However, sporting regulations only have power on people inside the circle and are not powerful enough for deterrence, so it is necessary to bring in criminal punishments to fill in the blanks of the current anti-doping legal system," said Chen. Chen added that the judicial interpretations are "profoundly important in China's fight against doping." "China has made considerable progress in cracking down on doping, but we have been aware of the lack of sufficient punishments on severe doping rule violations," he said. "The new judicial interpretations can now curb doping at its roots, and will be a force to protect public health," Chen said.
  9. Brother that’s a really dirty bulk , and you aren’t nearly on as much gear as he is , watch some of Seth Feroce YouTube vids he talks about nutrition and what it takes to get big.
  10. In no way am I trying to be disrespectful here but your diet is absolutely terrible !! Why don’t you go talk to @Corey5150 he is the right man for this job , hell of a nice guy too , I’m sure one look at this and he will be happy to offer you a little guidance.
  11. @Sorbate is correct you will have the most annoying itch when it grows , you will look bigger if you diet it creates an illusion but when you diet on gear you never stop growing if the diet is spot on , I wake up at like 3am and slam a shake that’s on my night stand.
  12. @eightyeight14 don’t poke at @GainTrain because you are putting the spotlight on your self with your behaviour @GainTrain is no longer here if you start taking his place with behaviour you will suffer the same outcome .
  13. You should post your starting pic right beside this progress pic , be a good way to judge how far you have come.
  14. My personal preference is Test-e , I can’t even remember the last time I pinned Test-c
  15. Go Dark Make sure the lights are turned all the way down, including LED lights from electronics to promote the production of sleep hormone melatonin. Even the smallest light can keep your body awake and unable to unwind when you want it to. Put Your Toys Away A National Sleep Foundation study showed that people who use their personal electronics within an hour before bed experienced more problems with sleep. If you tend to wake up tired, consider tuning out and shutting down your TV, computer, and Instagram feed an hour before hitting the hay Meditate Take the edge off your day with a simple breathing practice. Meditation can help you tame your racing thoughts by getting you back into your body for a relaxing night’s sleep. Update Your Sleep Essentials Is your mattress worn down? Are you still sleeping on the same sheets from a year ago? It might be time to treat yourself to new sleep gear to make that face-hitting-the-pillow moment something to look forward to. If you need more help improving your sleep experience, consider going to bedding specialists, where trained staff can help you best select pillows, sheets, and a mattress with the feel and design that fits your sleeping style. Wake Up Easy If you dread the alarm clock or use the snooze button as a lifeline, set two alarms instead of one. Wake up with the first alarm and set the second one for 15 to 20 minutes later. This will allow you to have a peaceful, stress-free morning without having to do mental math to see how many more times you can hit snooze. Get Your Hard Eight A minimum of eight hours sleep gives your brain adequate time to learn and memorize new skills. A full serving of sleep can help your body de-stress, decompress, process the day’s events, and wake up feeling ready to tackle a new day.
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