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  1. This is just myself only reason for it but I always run an even 500mg test , it’s just where I feel good if I go much higher and add compounds I feel like crap for some reason, so if it was me doing it I’d be at 500mg test.
  2. Ok guys seriously shut it down ! It’s enough , stop the pissing match and move on, you are both going to end up on the wrong end of a mods ban hammer and it will suck for both of you as you will end up missing lots of good content , just agree to disagree , you both have beliefs stand by your own and move on. I’m saying this to both of you in the most respectful way.
  3. @Fizzyx I have to also agree with you too @GainTrain delivery could have been better , I think we can all agree that all of use test as a base I believe it’s the proper thing to do, if we sift through they both have some points , we have two passionate individuals trying to make points can’t really fault them for that, I think it should be put to bed tho before it gets too out of hand and someone gets spanked by a mod. Let’s chalk it up to agree to disagree and move on. Bickering will get us nowhere we are here to learn and support each other , we don’t want to end up like other boards out there .
  4. Ok this comes from a personal experience only no doctor or science to back it , I have never crashed on it ever , I’ve also run Ai compounds no problem, @GainTrain is right we know from experience not what looks good on paper , I can’t believe I even stuck my nose in this argument lol, I’m out I’ll sit back and watch , being I know nothing as I don’t have Dr. In front of my name.
  5. To an extent some of it is right but there is a lot of skewed information there too, it can easily be picked out by an experienced user I mean first hand user , not by people that never pinned, so if all this was true I would have high cholesterol and no gains , so with zero estrogen we would have little to no gains correct ? So I guess I should toss all my gear and Ai products and go natty so I get huge ?
  6. I’m going with @GainTrain on this one ! Let’s move past this folks it’s getting ridiculous and out of hand. To each their own, just don’t mess up newbies.
  7. Keep plugging brother last few is the hardest you have come a long way , pat yourself on the back , your doing a good job ! We all got your back !
  8. 2.5g Anadrol powder 2.5ml BA 2.5ml BB 5ml Guaiacol 37.5ml GSO.
  9. @Francis "Frank" Castle @MuscleDummy @LvnLrge thanks for all the input guys I don’t believe we will sign there waiver or so called action plan as they are calling it, we have also documented it as well as photo documentation of the mess of his ear and the big knot on the side of his head. I know you don’t cross a protective momma she’s angry , I am too but she carried him for 9 months so the instinct kicks in , she’s like we get on tren lol.
  10. @Francis "Frank" Castle yes it’s a licensed daycare funded by the provincial government, each worker is allowed to supervise 5 kids , they said he’s a flight risk , makes him sound like a criminal at 3 years old, one problem I noticed is that half of the staff is facedown in their phones half the time. When he bumped his head they never bothered to call me , or when he got out they didn’t call. They told me it would be expensive to get a swipe card system for all the doors and then went on to tell me it costs them 30,000 a year in groceries, like what do I care all that isn’t my problem.
  11. @GainTrain there isn’t many options , one other daycare , but spaces are very limited, now I’m nervous to drop him off.
  12. CapeBretonDadBod


    How much accountability do daycares have is something happens to your child ? I dropped my 3 year old off today at daycare and they pulled me into the office and said they needed to talk to me, apparently he escaped the daycare yesterday past all that staff and got away and they didn’t bother to tell me until today, then they went on to say he knows how to open gates , no shit he’s 3 he’s not an idiot now they are calling him a flight risk and want me to sign papers taking any liability off them, then I pick him up today and have to sign an incident report because he fell on an outdoor play structure and has a huge knot on his head , like wtf is nobody watching the kids , like if that was me and happened in my care fucking cps would be all over it ! So I’m paying these works so my kid can get away and get hurt !
  13. Fuck that makes me want to revamp my diet lol , I thought I was on point lol , I do look good for an old fucker tho .
  14. @Francis "Frank" Castle agreed brother nothing too solid there,@Ryujiin I think you lost out some cash there my friend. There is not one ingredient that jumps out and smacks you in the face.
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