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  1. Show these folks some generosity this is a very nice gesture from them , This will help pay to advance the board and do upgrades and do other tekkie things that goes on with the daily operations, This is not just the staffs board it’s yours too.
  2. IMO a trt dose of 250mg per week is a little high , I’ve seen guys getting results cycling 300mg per week , I’ve personally started my own at 100mg of test-e per week and made slight increases until I felt good and quite honestly I’ve never passed 175mg I felt great good sex drive not an emotional roller coaster. Keep us posted on your journey. CBDB.
  3. Try to increase your sodium and potassium but try to get if from real food they only put the bare minimum in the supplements, So 90% food sources and 10% supplements would be the best bet for relief.
  4. Carpal tunnel syndrome: A frequent HGH side effect, this is the direct result of fluid retention around the tendons, joints, and connective tissue. What occurs in this case is the water retention in surrounding tissues around the nerves will cause these tissues to press against nerves in various key spots (often around joints). What results is carpal tunnel syndrome, if temporary. Carpal tunnel syndrome caused by Human Growth Hormone administration is characterized by tingling or numbness in the extremities (hands and feet), especially when the user’s limbs are in folded positions for extended periods. In such a case, the extremities will often turn numb but feeling should slowly return after extending the limbs and moving them around, which is followed by tingling and then the return of feeling. Carpal tunnel syndrome is often a temporary side effect of Human Growth Hormone that tends to vanish following cessation of use. In the worst cases, nerve damage in the specific area is possible, which would result in long term or permanent loss of feeling. Once again, the severity of carpal tunnel syndrome worsens with higher doses. this can also be relative to mk677 but its not as common...
  5. @floziko @Ollie please review the rules make an introduction allow us to get to know you , Both of your have been members no longer than a day, They are a top quality lab .
  6. Once you introduce a synthetic hormone you will be shut down even at a low dose do to the fact you body says ok there is enough we don’t have to produce anymore. Some guys even with a proper pct it’s a tough go at times . It’s always a good idea to have HCG and Clomid. Myself for example I’m completely shut down and I’ve accepted the fact I’m on trt for life , But at my age it doesn’t bother me.
  7. I would wait 14-18 days after to get your carbs back up and well as get your thyroid back to as close to normal as you can and it should help with any histamine related effects. Tread lightly with this compound as there is no tolerance and it does creep up on you . Good Luck !
  8. I’d also like to jump in on a wife update since @Physlifter got things started it’s nice to have the wives onboard with us and into our would , I’d like to say nice work to @Physlifter wife, My wife has also jumped on with me she lost a total of 50lbs in a month and a half using all @BodyTechPharma products very strict high protein low carb diet one cheat day per month , Now for products she is using incenerate, Helios, albuterol, 5mg anavar x2 ed and 25mg test prop ew. She weight trains 1.5 hours per day , and approx 2 hours cardio daily.One hour of that daily cardio is job related as it is fast paced on her feet. Other is at the gym.
  9. It is a toxic compound for prolonged use , Yes it is good but my personal preference is Primo you get more out of the primo it’s more mild you can run it longer and the results are great primo just starts to shine at 12 weeks . But there are a lot of Folks that love DHB and some that hate it , Look at the pros and cons and like anything else this is something you just run and see.
  10. I also stand behind this product I’ve used it personally I can’t say enough good things about these folks.
  11. Sponsors DO NOT DEAL with him he is a danger to everyone as well as a scammer.
  12. I know right lol , 500mg is my blast , I personally like his new shape !
  13. Seth Feroce what can you say about this guy ? He is amazing and what is even more amazing is how often he can change his shape and still look amazing whatever way he goes .
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