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  1. Matho you are the winner please pm me ! Congratulations
  2. Time is not on your side get those final bids in or miss out on some great products from an amazing lab !
  3. Ok 5 hours left folks get your bids in great stuff here , there won’t be another for awhile , Sorry Matho watch out for the sharks lol.
  4. Don’t take offence on how quick I handle things I’ve handled multiple things today it’s to keep our board running smooth and weed out the bad , I treat each and every one Of the the members on this board like family. But don’t mistake my kindness for weakness because that can change on drop of a dime. When it comes to the board.
  5. I have children that’s how I know how to handle you
  6. I’m senior staff you didn’t think you could sneak that by did you ? I will tell you you are going to get flamed and poked at for the name change as I said it is frowned upon , I like you kid you have spunk don’t make me regret it. You bring character and a bit of entertainment, Don’t make me ban you. I’ll leave it at that. Carry on.
  7. Because you are 88 don’t ask me how I know but multiple names are frowned upon in this community and you can never build reputation and status by starting over. Btw I’m over 40 and wise.
  8. There is one day left and there are still savings to be had .
  9. The high bid right now is 400 by Matho
  10. Ok HGH Daddy you can casually walk away from this board with your head held high not promote anything you sell , Or number 2 option I protect my members an you will leave on my terms it’s your choice keep in mind I already know and I won’t have it here.
  11. Guys can we settle this down you both have your personal views move forward from this , I don’t want to have to play heavy handed and scold you tonight I’m trying to play the gentle approach lately. In all seriousness tho guys separate and cool off before it gets out of hand.
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