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  1. @eightyeight14 look at the physique of @GainTrain you might be able to learn something from him why don’t you guys try getting along and stop bumping heads , I’m sure @GainTrain knows he’s a little intense at times he knows his flaws just roll with them .
  2. @GainTrain if the both of you could get along better and park your egos at the door you might even to be able to help this kid and mentor him a little.
  3. This was a good choice for 88 , I hope some of the senior members got through to this kid , you can do this lifestyle for a very long time if you do it right , take good advice and respect your health follow all the warning signs that come with it , But on the other side of done wrong with no consideration for your health and careless use of these drugs your run in this lifestyle can be very very short lived .
  4. Newport has hit or miss quality these days not as it was years ago, Let is know how it turns out for you I’m interested to know.
  5. You for one need to choose better labs please research as I said browse our review section , I’m not judging here but you shouldn’t have your wife using gear just for libido these are serious hormones not to be taken lightly .
  6. I didn’t hear of them , But a lot of mediocre gear comes out of Quebec and lots of bunk, Careful with stuff in that area , I’m not saying they are bad just if it was me I’d find a better source , browse the review section on our board it should give you some guidance. Then you have the safety of the board if there was an issue , If other members did hear of these guys please chime in with your experience.
  7. Just to ease any doubts or fears it has been confirmed that transpharma is up and running and you are safe to purchase the website is now open for business www.transpharma-anabolics.com now my work is done with them they have everything sorted out I’ve been helping members with , For all that don’t know they have a local board rep here @GeneticFreak2020 he is a solid guy direct all questions toward him or use the new website, Please only contact me if you have a serious issue you can’t resolve through the rep or their website.And I will look into it.
  8. Ok Brothers and Sisters I really have to say I’m loving this Primo run from BT the injections are pain free I’m pinning with a 25g needle and I’m willing to bet I could move to a 27g with no issues I’m pinning 2ml twice a week so far and it is going well and I’m loving the more favourable primo sides as is my wife . Anyone on the fence with running primo should really take the leap you will enjoy it.
  9. No I don’t believe they are connected in any way , I’ve spoken to transpharma after that date , As far as the site being down it could be system maintenance or a reconfiguration to something newer. Please don’t speculate or cause rumours we don’t speak of things like this until we have facts to my understanding they are fine.
  10. @RickHarley ok bro I already warned you about external links for sales of AAS , you didn’t heed the warning , so you will be givin some time to reflect .
  11. @RickHarley please do not provide external links to AAS vendors , This will be your only warning . Thanks CBDB
  12. Thanks BT Great job as always , top one that got cut off is primo too !
  13. @Rosconow pay per view could be arranged haha
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