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  1. Just off the top I believe it’s one in the morning and one in the afternoon, no later.
  2. @scubadiver this might be better suited in the injury and rehab section @Physlifter is the man you want to direct this question to , you will get a proper answer as well as possible solution.
  3. Have any of you pinned your trt once per week and if so what are your thoughts !
  4. Brother I think the sweet spot for you will be right around 225 you get there I bet it motivates the shit out of you.
  5. It might have been overworked on my part as it’s my go to site I love it there.
  6. I’m excited this is great timing for me ! This is a must try BT never disappoints!
  7. @Synyster we’re all grown men here stubborn as hell so we all make our own choices and live with them but believe it or not this community is about health and longevity too, I believe in one of Seth Feroce vids I watched I’m almost positive he said even him he cruises at between 125-175mg test-e going by how he feels , he states the same thing it’s not what your body can handle now it’s about longevity and how long you want to be around and continue doing this.
  8. That’s an amazing ride brother , love it !
  9. @Physlifter @ARUSH thanks guys it was a little concerning but today there is no pain or discomfort, but I think I have to leave the delts for awhile they are getting tight, quads next and glutes, and I hate glute shots.
  10. It’s not painful at all just never happened before I gave it a light massage I think it more freaked the wifey out more. I’ll do as you say and keep an eye on it I’ll rotate away from it for a week or so and pin the quads. Thanks for the input much appreciated.
  11. @toynut we do that method but not sure what happened , I even go overkill on the alcohol swabs.
  12. So NL took my delt shot last night as it’s my go to location, 1.5ml test-e nothing new there great gear one of our sponsors so no quality issue, wife pulled the pin out and instantly the was a long stream of blood we wiped it with a new swap it stopped but we noticed a tiny bubble at the injection site maybe as small As half a small pea. Any ideas ?
  13. @BobTheOldLifter he’s clearly cooking the omegas out of the fish haha !
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