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  1. @MuscleDummy Thank you for that contribution this is very good information. Guys we are only human we all need help at times if you need us or help please use these valuable resources don’t keep it in as was said above stress will kill you it’s the silent killer. We are all family here I know we bicker at times with our beliefs and so many different personalities here but at the end of the day we are all here for each other and want the best for each other . CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team.
  2. @MonsterMike If I may add to this , Our whole staff here has an open door policy and anything that is spoken of in private PM to any of us will stay there . Our virtual offices here at NL are safe and private. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team.
  3. @MrGainsand @MaskedMisery Are spot on . When it comes to weight loss it’s pretty simple and age old you need a caloric deficit. And that can be achieved without any drugs at all. Healthy foods a deficit and good will power works wonders paired with consistent training . CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team.
  4. I have to agree about their cbd oil I’ve very successfully used it for arthritis pain and sleep issues and it comes very lightly floured with pleasant flavours . CBDB
  5. They always have perfect customer service and the product is absolutely top shelf every time. This is the best way for any new users to dip their toes. CBDB
  6. @Salbert85the would be a fantastic question for @MrGains . Pre-Contest would be in his strong suit. Please Follow up with him. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team
  7. Nice list Guys , It’s nice to have you here and more active. For anyone that doesn’t know or haven’t tried them it would be worth your while they have excellent products and outstanding customer service . Just fine Folks all around. CBDB
  8. Guys this is great news , The folks at Vortex are top shelf all the way, I’ve used these folks for TRT with great results I’m excited to have them here more. Also as you notice we have a new mod @MrGains please use this gentleman for your gear related questions he’s a wealth of information and very approachable. CBDB
  9. Very nice machine brother , I’m too old for something like that , Enjoy it while your young my friend live your life with no regrets .
  10. No problem Brother, Thanks for your help and looking after us.
  11. We have just the member to help you with that , Speak to @Physlifter this is his occupation and is a wealth of information he would be the man for this one, Good luck with your injury it’s horrible but we are human we heal well. Please contact him he will get you recovered properly.
  12. We are looking for things for our family we have here now but also something to set us apart from the rest of the boards , Something to make people want to become part of our NorthernLifters Family, Right now I’m very proud of one big thing here we are known not to take part in any kind of drama and we don’t contribute to any drama and that took the help of all you guys not to get sucked into drama or politics or negativity that’s something to be proud of, We don’t want to bully people here we let people ask questions there is no such thing as a stupid question here, We don’t beat people down
  13. Would you like to put a few things together when you have some spare/free time to see what you come up with ? If this is an interest to you . PM me if you want to talk more about your idea , Door is always open. If I get enough good ideas I can bring it to the rest of the Staff and we can pick the most valuable or best idea and go from there.
  14. Ok Folks we are reaching out to our NL Family here , We need to grow NL so we want to hear from you , This is your home too, So what we want we as staff are here to listen. Vets and senior members tell us what you would like to see in your board maybe topics or maybe a different selection in forms index , Maybe say a section to talk where mental health as suffered you could reach out and see if there is a member that has gone through a similar situation . Could be anything but we want your ideas we want you the members to become involved. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team.
  15. That actually was an error I was fixing someone else’s cut cycle that’s what he sent me , I was currently telling him No AI was needed at 300 mg test , and his Tren should have been eod as well as his winstrol should be eod , I clicked the wrong file i ment to paste mine , my apologies long day. Please disregard that post it’s someone elses mess.
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