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  1. Still no pip after the shot no redness or rash , I never used a compound that used mct but I’m loving it how it draws up and flows .
  2. I received my first order of some test -e in my mail box today , I have to say it was very well packaged very secure no chance of breakage , clear as water , first pin tonight was delt zero pain flowed easily in a 25g . @GameChanger thanks for the great service and flawless transaction. Excellent service start to finish with BT and GameChanger.
  3. Hey N.L I’m looking to purchase a Dutch Shepherd having a hard time locating a breeder do you know of one in your areas ?
  4. Just did my order today and had tracking within hours
  5. My very first time I was like wtf did I just do my first cycle was a vet grade . Everything I pinned was from a vet.
  6. Nice looking little starter pack my friend
  7. @ElectricRocker that’s why I’m trying to expose her to everything now I don’t want a fussy eater and most kids won’t touch fish and it’s so good for them. I could be wrong but it seems like doctors know nothing about nutrition and they spend all that time in medical school.
  8. Not cool , I haven’t been on the board long but reading a few things I know holding info is frowned upon.
  9. So my doctor gave me shit about what I feed my daughter , I flake up some salmon in mashed potatoes with a little ketchup she loves it ,it’s healthy for her lots of omegas , he said there is mercury and heavy metals, like wtf shes 20 months old it’s not like she’s eating a whole salmon steak ! Or eating it every week she gets a little bowl think of how much a 20 month old eats. Man he pissed me off !
  10. I don’t even want to say lol , red seal mechanic here.
  11. That was great I’m going the right direction keeping my dose low to moderate, Good read !
  12. I take fish oils daily just for the added health benefits
  13. Did the machine function when you flipped it ?
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