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  1. I wouldn’t get involved too much in that there are just a lot of board politics involved , They have their own brands over there involved with their board it wouldn’t take you 5 minutes to figure out who they are so they tend trash other brands. This is where we are different over here at NorthernLifters we just don’t do that here we hold ourselves to a higher standard. So that being said let’s just keep this to BodyTech reviews here we will not take part in any drama. Thanks CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team.
  2. That depends what you are on , Yes it could be kidneys but on the other hand Tren makes you smell really bad almost musky and the sweat turns your sheets yellow , Sometimes the test does that also could be the hormone or something in the brew , 2 ways to find out you can come off and clear out or option 2 go get blood work and a urine test. Also check sides if you are on any prescription meds. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team.
  3. I’m sorry vortex is Canadian domestic only. The only way is if you had a trusted Canadian address or a friend that would be willing to send it to you but that’s up to you to work out or you knew a trucker that had freedom of movement . CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team.
  4. I was thinking of that also but it is TNT so it is blended with test so it will be a little more stable , I’ve also used 10 second bursts in the microwave with success. If you do the oven method use a timer because you can’t go over the 20 minutes I would check it at 15. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team.
  5. Yes sir , Remove plastic caps from the vial, pre heat your oven to 200 degrees place vials on a cookie sheet put them in the oven for about 20 mins take them out and wearing a glove swirl until sediment is dissolved. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team.
  6. Come on guys this goes to support our boards and pay for upgrades and maintenance! Show your support guys give these fine folks at Vortex a reason to put another great auction on.
  7. BodyTech uses a very thin MCT Oil and you have to take that into consideration when injection is taking place especially coming from a Lab that uses something like GSO , You aren’t the first person that this is happened to when making the switch and I’m sure you won’t be the last but now you know , And that oil makes for a comfortable injection when you correct your speed. Good luck and enjoy your run . CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team.
  8. Very good advice too fast of an injection can cause trauma to the muscle tissue just beyond the normal trauma of the needle , Think of the damage of a thin nozzle on a pressure washer to removing paint from a deck or holes in weak concrete same kind of thing with a fast injection to the muscle. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team.
  9. 3 x T400 , 3 x Tren ace , 2 xNPP, 2 x Superdrol , 1 x Aromasin 1 x Cialis . Bidding starts at $100 , Auction closes tues January 26 at 9pm Atlantic.
  10. Sir , I can’t tell if that is a serious question or you are trolling . If it is a serious question ask yourself this do you want a direct link to an underground transaction? Either way anymore questions of that nature and you will be banned. Btw Bzzzzzzz Plunk . CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team.
  11. Just a suggestion here might be an obvious one but I’ll go there anyway, Why don’t you guys try a small order of test-e from one of our sponsors that use Mig and see if it’s the mig or the test ? MedicusResearch uses Mig as there carrier and it is smooth and a fast injection. Might be worth the couple of dollars to find out. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team.
  12. I’m guessing it is just a loss, I would start over , One of our sponsors has great success with Mig and the gear is smooth and painless including their test-e.
  13. It’s been a minute brother ! Let’s get you back on track , You did it once you can do it again. Let’s work that diet before we start running a heavy cycle we went through this before , Let’s do this dial the diet in and then we will run a low dose of test we know a cycle isn’t ideal with high body fat and you will aromatize more. Let’s just run 300mg test-e only for now until we get the body fat down with a good diet and solid training you should see some good results with that and get the scale moving in the right direction then we can talk about adding compounds . I’m sure you will get other
  14. BodyTech, Vortex , MedicusResearch, and I just asked the wife , She said for her BodyTech, CanMed , Her products are usually test prop and primo. I used just about the whole menu.
  15. Quite honestly it’s not that I don’t believe you because certain people reactions to certain carriers and solvents for example I’m no good with EO so I stay away from it. But right now as we speak I’m using their test-e for trt with no pain no swelling no issues at all. This is your experience there are many individuals with a very positive experience so I don’t believe anything needs fixing I do believe it’s a sensitivity issue for you with an ingredient they can’t overhaul a entire recipe because you came forward with a reaction unfortunately this happens with every lab from time to time. I’
  16. Sir it is the way you approached the topic , Did you contact your rep to ask questions and come to an answer? Or a resolution? The way you did it could have a negative impact on their business, So your body having a adverse reaction to a carrier or solvent It reacted different in your body and your body couldn’t tolerate it but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad product or anything wrong with the product it is just the fact your body didn’t like something in the blend . So if 10 others tolerate well there is nothing wrong with the product . Do you see where the defence comes in ? Do you see how yo
  17. I also beg to differ sir , I currently use their test-e for trt and no pain proper dosed . And I will go a step further as to tell you my wife uses their oils for her blasts she uses test prop and she used their primobolan in the past and no complaints. You can’t have this many positive reviews and this out of nowhere because they don’t just make your batch sir , If there was a problem they would have hundreds of complaints from a single batch , So either you just don’t tolerate a certain carrier well or you have an agenda. So if my mods come up with anything and you can’t prove yourself I wil
  18. No fishing ! Did you not read our rules ? This is not a source board , Next time you do this you will be banned ! CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team.
  19. @Ryujiinis correct with his analogy too many cooks in the kitchen things tend to get burned, Not to mention it cuts deeply into profits you are paying inflated rent due to the nature of your business as well as plain sight security not to mention you are paying folks to keep their mouth shut just not good.
  20. Are you married ? If so then you already know the biggest pain in the ass so this is nothing brother Good luck with your procedure.
  21. Purple panda is top quality raws and they would not be here if they were subpar . So if you can’t back these claims and I find out there is an agenda here you will be banned this is your only warning , I will contact them myself and get to the bottom of it . And you just joined under an hour ago and no introduction just straight to the review section to bash a sponsor I don’t have to tell you how that looks. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team.
  22. Can you show proof of these claims ? I’m sorry but with the level of honesty on the Internet I’m skeptical with someone saying this without solid proof . I assume you also dissolved it and measured the rate it dissolved and what the outcome was when it dissolved , Did you know Hcg completely dissolves into a liquid while HGH remains clumpy .
  23. No problem Sir , My advice to you would be get a good few solid cycles under your belt gain experience and then if you must , Dabble with Tren low and slow , It is a great drug but one that also needs to be respected. Talk to a few members get their experiences gain insight, I know myself I love Tren but Tren hates me. I just stay away now at my age. Hope this helps . Good luck with your run CBDB.
  24. Ok Sir , Tren will cause trensomina , night sweats , jealousy if you have a wife or girlfriend you will think they are cheating on you , Could ruin your relationship, if you are an asshole it will turn you into a bigger asshole, some people have violent outbursts, But on the other hand some guys are fine the more experienced guys know how to handle it. We have a staff member here that when he uses it he goes to his cottage until his blast is done and he is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet , If you must run it I am always cautious with my advice I would only start with 150mg per week o
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