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  1. I personally believe you will be underwhelmed by your results, I would use a bit of Anavar with it you can push your Anavar to 6-8 weeks but proviron I wouldn’t push past 4 being a female and depending on your goals. CBDB
  2. Effective anabolics for women would be Anavar keep it low start with 10mg per day. Primobolan 50-75mg and Winstrol no more than 10mg per day. Proviron keep dose low such as half a tab and monitor for unwanted side effects. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team
  3. Women who want to give Proviron a try should not take more than one 25 mg tablet per day. Higher dosages and periods of intake of more than four weeks considerably increase the risk of virilization symptoms. Female athletes who have no difficulties with Proviron obtain good results with 25 mg Proviron/day and 20 mg Nolvadex/day and, in combination with a diet, report an accelerated fat breakdown and continuously harder muscles. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team
  4. I believe they ran out, Not to worry you are in good hands. Please don’t try to create problems where there are none. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team.
  5. Ok but here is were you derailed are comparing a professional courier to the postal service they have jets, transport trucks, delivery trucks , man power and let me mention a very important detail. If you had to guess . Why do you think labs don’t use professional couriers ? Well let me answer for you. It’s for your protection a courier can open your packages if it becomes damaged they will repackage it and if illegal contents are found they report it . Guess who’s address it’s going to ? Now with Canada post it’s illegal to open mail you are protected as a citizen under the postal act if it becomes damaged or leaks you simply get a a letter that it was damaged and disposed of nothing reported. And you aren’t dealing with a legal clothing company you are involved in an underground transaction. Hope this clarifies things. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team.
  6. Ok this is where patients are key look at the time of year you ordered this , Look at the dates and look at the date now government business are closed ie Canada Post. Once a pack it put out to them it’s out of the control of the lab. You will receive tracking information once they know the pack is on the move to you. We all suffer the holiday slowdown we all order much before this time of year. I know the lab in question and they have an untainted reputation and wouldn’t tarnish that over one order. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team
  7. Local needle exchange is fine. CBDB
  8. It means pip free only a very small percentage have a reaction to it and it subsides very quickly when the body becomes accustomed to it and the vast majority love it. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team.
  9. They used mig in the past but now most products use MCT it is a less painful injection and it has a longer shelf life and a natural antibacterial and your injection will be much quicker. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team.
  10. I believe that is correct what they have posted is what the sale is unless otherwise stated. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team.
  11. This is a generous sale folks be best to get on it fast as they will only run this for a few days at these prices. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team.
  12. Some of our major sponsors use his services he is excellent. But as was said the sponsors choose to post the results but I will say this the sponsor that posts the results is very confident in their products. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team
  13. Please do I’m quite interested to hear your experience. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team
  14. All I can say about this is I know where you purchased this and they did have a little bump in the road with something I don’t wish to discuss. That being said there products were good to go. My advice would be to order from a lab that has a board rep that you can speak directly to if you have questions or concerns. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team.
  15. Yes there are labs that still use his services. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team.
  16. I’m loving MedicusResearch right now it’s my go to lab at the moment. Still have love for Bodytech tho. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team
  17. Try Lifelabs look them up. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team
  18. You need to tell me when and how long it’s been, If it’s reasonable I’ll contact them on your behalf. There has been a tech issue on their site but items are still moving as they should. Don’t worry about BT they have an outstanding reputation. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team.
  19. No the rep was here this afternoon, They are good to go as always . They do get busy and also spend time with their families. Keep trying , BT won’t let you down. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team.
  20. More from our fine friends at MedicusResearch
  21. Well Folks another one in from the fine folks at MedicusResearch, I’m exclusively using them right now. Couldn’t be happier with the products and speed of service . Everything always works as it should .
  22. I’d like to clear something up the Guardian Rep is completely separate from the Trans Rep. The Guardian Rep operates differently He is very efficient and keeps communication going. I’ve spoken to him on several occasions and he is very professional and easy to deal with. And will try to make things right when he can and will come to me if he needs help with an issue . So please only Guardian Reviews in this section. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team
  23. I think he might have worded it that way because he received Guardian Products, I do believe the issue was not so much with you but Transpharma bit of a unique situation that could have fit in both labs threads . I have been hearing of long delays with Transpharma the past few months. I’ll kindly edit out the other labs name for you. Doesn’t belong there. I’ll speak with him on etiquette of writing a proper review. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team.
  24. No no my mistake, BodyTech is always golden. You all know they are one of the best in the business. Sorry for the close call with the heart attack lol. CBDB
  25. My advice would be save your money and find another source. This was ment for the above post my error CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team.
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