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  1. I love quad injections, I find I have better control and can see the full injection site as well as being able to place a high volume injection there. It’s really my go to site. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team.
  2. Welcome to NorthernLifters, Please read an fully understand our rules. We are strictly an information hub for all things health and fitness. That being said we have a great group of guys and gals here and a wealth of information. As questions and contribute to conversation. Now with that out of the way let’s get to your concerns. The quad is not friendly to a lot of folks there are lots of nerves there. So inject the quad on the outside quadrant a palm width from the side of the knee and a hand length down palm on the hip bone down to the longest finger that’s your injection site. You will never know what’s under the skin . Most of us have grazed a vein from time to time it happens you just bleed a little more. Now asperation Of the plunger is highly debated and it not used in medical settings any longer. A great site is the glutes and delts for injections. There is a great information site for injections for the beginner . The site is spotinjections.com . Hope this helps CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team
  3. Bodytech is always on point, Never worry about them. I’ve delt with these folks personally and I stand behind them. I’ve let my own wife use them. That in itself is full trust. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team.
  4. If you want to be part of the community, Come clean . I already know you are the rep that has been spoken to , Give some decency to the members so show some integrity and honesty. Yet again you tried to be shady. I can expose you or show us you want to be a real part of this community. My members know I’m good to them and have their best interests in mind. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team
  5. Yes they are very much still in business. It’s my assumption that they are just having a web error. Still the same great quality and customer service. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team.
  6. As a female with a previous history of usage can you please tell us what compounds you have used and what doses. We don’t want to give misinformation to a female when it comes to hormones. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team
  7. CapeBretonDadBod


    No lab produces injections for sexual aids. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team
  8. One of our local sponsors carry it. Try Bodytech Pharma they have stock. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team
  9. You need to run the HMG too, Full protocol.
  10. @Titan83please pm me the details of your issue and I’ll see what I can do to rectify the issue. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team
  11. I too just had the beloved cough to the point the Mrs thought I was a gone. Coughed so hard I gave myself a nose bleed. Good times. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team
  12. Well I have to say MedicusResearch has been my go to for awhile now. We have had nothing but positive interactions and the quality of the products speak for themselves. I stand behind these folks and you should too. I wouldn’t point you folks in the wrong direction. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team
  13. If you want children I’d come off and do a proper PCT add in Hcg as well as HMG one of our sponsors has it. You should be able to conceive. Best of luck.CBDB
  14. Welcome to NorthernLifters, Please get acquainted with our rules. Remember this isn’t an open source board but an information hub for all things fitness related. Please contribute when and where you can and be respectful to your fellow members and you will fit into the family just fine. So that being said . Welcome to the family. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team.
  15. Yes Sir , This is very safe to inject as long as it was in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight and unopened you are fine. It is good for 2 years past expiry is stored properly. I’ve personally used product that was 5 years old and it was absolutely fine. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team.
  16. BT is always great to the members here, Always professional and quality products . If I had time I could tell you folks stories of the countless times they have helped people at their own expense they are truely selfless when the situation arises. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team
  17. I would direct that question towards the board rep I’m sure he would be happy to answer all your questions and concerns. Best to DM him. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team
  18. I personally believe you will be underwhelmed by your results, I would use a bit of Anavar with it you can push your Anavar to 6-8 weeks but proviron I wouldn’t push past 4 being a female and depending on your goals. CBDB
  19. Effective anabolics for women would be Anavar keep it low start with 10mg per day. Primobolan 50-75mg and Winstrol no more than 10mg per day. Proviron keep dose low such as half a tab and monitor for unwanted side effects. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team
  20. Women who want to give Proviron a try should not take more than one 25 mg tablet per day. Higher dosages and periods of intake of more than four weeks considerably increase the risk of virilization symptoms. Female athletes who have no difficulties with Proviron obtain good results with 25 mg Proviron/day and 20 mg Nolvadex/day and, in combination with a diet, report an accelerated fat breakdown and continuously harder muscles. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team
  21. You Folks have absolutely nothing to worry about with BT they always deliver. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team
  22. I believe they ran out, Not to worry you are in good hands. Please don’t try to create problems where there are none. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team.
  23. Ok but here is were you derailed are comparing a professional courier to the postal service they have jets, transport trucks, delivery trucks , man power and let me mention a very important detail. If you had to guess . Why do you think labs don’t use professional couriers ? Well let me answer for you. It’s for your protection a courier can open your packages if it becomes damaged they will repackage it and if illegal contents are found they report it . Guess who’s address it’s going to ? Now with Canada post it’s illegal to open mail you are protected as a citizen under the postal act if it becomes damaged or leaks you simply get a a letter that it was damaged and disposed of nothing reported. And you aren’t dealing with a legal clothing company you are involved in an underground transaction. Hope this clarifies things. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team.
  24. Ok this is where patients are key look at the time of year you ordered this , Look at the dates and look at the date now government business are closed ie Canada Post. Once a pack it put out to them it’s out of the control of the lab. You will receive tracking information once they know the pack is on the move to you. We all suffer the holiday slowdown we all order much before this time of year. I know the lab in question and they have an untainted reputation and wouldn’t tarnish that over one order. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team
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