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  1. Typically someone else takes it for them or they have a contact where they are going. I have competed in the US (IFBB North Americans) and brought a few things with me ie diuretic, clen, T3 but left all AAS at home. Two to three days wont make much difference anyway. Nobody has legit paper work for the gear necessary for an pro competitor. T
  2. Hi MG, Any diet that you can stick to will typically work. When comparing low carb to keto we need to be clear about a few things as there is much misinformation out there that tends to confuse people. Firstly, a keto diet is not necessarily high in fat. You dont need to be eating high fat cream, bacon, mayo etc that really is not an ideal keto diet and most will fail on that plan because calorie intake is much too high for fat loss to be sustainable. A keto diet is technically a low carb diet only just a bit lower in carbs then what most perceive a low carb diet to be..ie less then 50g indirect carbs per day. Most carbs eaten on a keto diet for body composition enhancement come from indirect source such as eggs, fibrous veggies, nut butters etc. There are no direct sources of carbs on a keto diet such as oats or rice. A keto diet is typically more efficient than a low carb diet because the body and brain are using fats for fuel not carbs that have been ingested. A keto diet is also easier to maintain then a low carb diet because there are less cravings, more stable insulin levels, and plenty of ketone bodies for the brain to use thus mental clarity is enhanced. Not to say a low carb diet is not effective as many do still use it however I just find keto much more efficient and easier. A vegan keto diet for body composition would be a challenge as most vegetable protein sources contain a high carb content if you are going to get adequate protein. You can probably manage a vegan keto diet that is very low in protein however for body comp purposes that would not be ideal. As you can see from this link protein content will be severely limited of trying to stay keto. https://www.ruled.me/comprehensive-guide-vegan-ketogenic-diet/ T
  3. The next Mr O will be Flex Lewis, you heard it here first. Top six (in no particular order) Flex, Brandon, Roelly, Luke, Nathan, Bonac. The only exception would be if Kai decides to compete...then I feel it will be between him and Lewis. T
  4. Many back exercises ie rows, chins etc indirectly work the biceps. The key however is to try to remove the biceps from the exercise to maximize back involvement. Doing biceps as a secondary muscle on back day is fine as well. However, the deadlift does not work the biceps except for putting tremendous stress on the biceps tendon on the arm that is using the underhand grip if an over/under grip is used. My suggestion would be if not competing in PL than do not use an over/under grip stick to over/over and use straps to assist if necessary. You will spare your biceps a possible tear. T
  5. Not sure what you mean by this but the deadlft is not a biceps exercise. T
  6. You will; not gain muscle if dieting and doing cardio. Muscle gains come when you are in a calorie surplus not deficit. T
  7. The only issue with Himalayan is it lacks iodine which most people are deficient in. T
  8. Wait until his wifes lawyers are done with him...ouch. T
  9. His career is finished. Not to mention hes done financially. T
  10. Jogging is probably the worst form of cardio period. Not only is it hard on the joints etc but it does increase cortisol production as well it can lead to muscle loss. Jogging is basically the antithesis to bodybuilding. If your goal is to lose fat and maintain muscle then the best form of cardio especially while on a calorie restricted diet is walking. You can walk outside or on a treadmill at a decent pace. You will have to adjust your diet as well as do cardio in order to drop weight. I would suggest dropping all forms of starchy carbs and stick to fibrous vegetables plus lean protein sources. Start walking at 25min daily and slowly increase that each week or two to maintain weight loss. Cardio is best done fasted ie before breakfast or immediately post training. T
  11. Exactly most dont know what albuterol is and if it were more effective then clen it would be widely used. Ergogenic aids that work well tend to rise to the top and stay there. Albuterol has been around for a significant time and many boards have discussed it and many sites try to market it however it has never become main stream like clen simply because it isn't as effective. If I am going to spend money on something I want the most bang for my buck thus I would choose clen over albuterol everytime. T
  12. The animal studies done on both albuterol and clenbuterol never transferred over to humans. The excitement initially seen with studies on cattle and rats showed significant increases in lean body mass which have never translated over to humans. So I wouldnt put much faith in studies done on rats. If you do a comparison of those who have used the items the majority will tell you Clen is by far superior. Ask anyone in the know in BB and clen use to albuterol use is 100:1. Dave P over at Rxmuscle has discussed this to death. Here is an excerpt: "Dave- Im going to begin a cutting cycle and wondered what your thoughts were on Albuterol as a fat burner. I have tons of the stuff in different forms(inhaler,liquid)my brother used to have asthma. How much should i take and what is the best form to take it in. Basically how do i use the damn stuff. Albuterol has virtually no fat burning potential so don't waste your time. If it did, the FDA would have banned it long ago." Do a search on guys like Meadows and fat burning agents and Albuterol is not even in the discussion. If in fact it was comparable everyone would be using it and as I said before clen use to albuterol use is 100:1 and Albuterol is manufactured for human consumption and FDA approved. T
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