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  1. It happened to me about 3 weeks ago on Test cyp250. 1 cc 2x a week ,on week 15!New bottle ,alcohol galore including hands because I'm a paranoid fuck !The first 2 shots were great no pip at all !Afterwards ,the 3rd gave me shit pip about 5 days ,I thought I would give it another try !Shot 4 was even worse !this time lasted more than a week !I ended up tossing it out and switched to Test e!I pinned quads and delts as usual ,so far everything is great !
  2. Dick shrink .HAHA .Ball shrink yes dick no !
  3. mike-the-fix

    My boy !

    That's my boy Rocky !He's 6 ,I have him from a pup !He is an English Cocker spaniel!
  4. Cyp does a miracle on my boner !No blood pressure spike no sides ,so far so good !Oh and I'm always horny like a 16 year old !I'm 48 !
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