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  1. I think you havent results with low dose. Dont waste your time and money.
  2. Best stack I’ve done…75mg tren and 75mg prop ED with .5 arimidex ED…40lbs in 8 weeks.
  3. I would advise anavar cycle. You can do 10mg in the morning and 10mg in the evening. In only 3 weeks, then you can see massive strength gains which I think you will happy with and can already see a difference in your muscle density which seems quick but still good.
  4. I have anxiety and my doc advise me to use CBD oil or flowers. Who can share experience? Its really work?
  5. Give a couple days between chest and back day, which are both hard on your shoulders. Your shoulder joints need time to recover. I noticed that my shoulders hurt alot less when using the smith machine for incline bench.
  6. I think NO! I have aproximative 15% of body fat and I want to cut to 10 %. What you think it is worth it to run a 8 week of clen only cycle ? (2 week on 2 week of )I read the info about clen in the book so I am aware of side effect but my question could one cycle cause a long term health problem ?
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