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  1. Wont have no problem here, I see what is what I apologized earlier and I still said the lab was good quality
  2. I understand your frustration with your old rep. I can dig up the emails if youd like? Genetec is still a great lab boys! Just not the best!!! Sorry if I took it to far. You want me to run your lab n do bloods okay, then I'll run my other two labs n do bloods no problem!!! I'm on syn I get bloods done on December 4th, then ill do genetec and get my blood done np
  3. They are good! I used many of the products in the past but not the best lol
  4. They are not the best lab, also one of the reps was selling innovagen in bulk also.
  5. Have to bite my own tongue here and say the anadrol 25mgs are top notch lol test oils still thick as fuck, when your injecting behind you and your reaching it sucks! But I havent had any issues with the oils.
  6. Ivee learned over the years, that gear can effect your mental health I've been there I dont use products like tren or halo because of that. Your body could be suppressed, tamper down for awhile and cruise, blast some hcg lol I also saw a message above someone saying dont let gear get in your head!!! Remember when you couldn't wait to plan your cycle and organize all your pills in the day and food and couldn't wait to pin, make it fun again alot.of it is mental.
  7. Service was great and fast, 24 hrs later it's in my town. Rep is good very confident in his brand and very blunt which I like!!
  8. I get that, well will see way it plays out but most likely I'll be switching labs. But they are good to go.
  9. No I agree, but I also know my body and what I'm putting into it. It's all good no hard feelings in my end. I'll be switching over to different lab. And will to show bloods of rhats what people want
  10. I get mine taken ever 4 months for personal reasons. Syn pharmaceuticals was a filler lab an expensive one too I'm not bashing by the way. Dec 4th next time I get my blood done but I dont think I'll be hanging around on syn.
  11. Great customer service and shipping is good. Pinning is painless but oils are thick as fuck. I really gotta push on the fucker but its week 5 and I dont really know. Look the same, feel the same.and I havent cycled in 13 months
  12. I agree I ran there TNT base and superdrol few years back it is fucking crazy how well it continously works. Great pre workout and great for growth if you can pin everyday. Open diet;)
  13. Yeah I saw that blend!!! I wanna give that a go some day hopefully. I could only imagine the pumps and endurance off of it There hgh fragment did wonders for me too and there DHT is always been bad ass!!
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