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  1. I agree I ran there TNT base and superdrol few years back it is fucking crazy how well it continously works. Great pre workout and great for growth if you can pin everyday. Open diet;)
  2. Yeah I saw that blend!!! I wanna give that a go some day hopefully. I could only imagine the pumps and endurance off of it There hgh fragment did wonders for me too and there DHT is always been bad ass!!
  3. They use to have the best tren and test base around! ED injection before training you'll be in tunnel vision. I haven't used them in a few years but they always had good tren base and halo
  4. Hahaha atta boy. Yeah its pricey I did Iran test and anadrol with BT tren base back in the day beat cycle I ever ran
  5. If you have test that pushes through like bac water, you might want to think twice. I've used the iran test and anadrol it was one hell of a ride great cycle! Your gonna be happy! Enjoy it you payed for it lol
  6. Most test that are Pharmaceutical are thick, even when you get test shots from doctors it's very thick and clean.
  7. Deffently looks like it's doing what its suppose to do.
  8. I'm also curious on that Tdrol, I could only imagine the results would be throw the roof
  9. I haven't used Bodytech since the hick up, glad to see there back and obviously booming again! My list T400,mk677, superdrol,DHT, Anabol,decca. Has anyone ever used the mk677? And what's your thoughs on it.
  10. I find there oils very thick and I use a 23g.
  11. Oh my fault, just I've scene different veils of the lab in the U.k. Just curious more then anything
  12. I maybe wrong but I thought Blaken was a pharmaceutical lab out of Europe. My causin uses the same lab in the U.K says he pays big bucks for it
  13. Lol this is funny, I cant cause I have a gas stove top, has the pilot and then a grill on top. It would just fall through
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