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  1. Walk into any downtown city, go to any clinics where addicts go, tax payers supply them to junkies. Get some for free. And if you do your homework, most forums have a link for a connection to these type of products
  2. Go anywhere, I'll go to shoppers, walmart, Rexall and order 100 23gs,100 18gs and 100 syringe
  3. That's possible ahaha I was ripped out of my face BUT unno some similarity there brother. Dont hate me
  4. Nice stack! TNT looks nice! I love how body tech has the old medical jars! Haven't scene that for awhile!
  5. Unless they sold old stock too them before they changed over. No disrespect to the lab at all! Just its 100% dead on. But good quality is a good lab!
  6. Thoughs look like old bodytech jars, and the sticker on the label on veils looks dead on similar Correct me if I'm wrong, just I was a BT freak before all shit hit the fan
  7. Syn pharmaceuticals pictures
  8. I lost my BT contact after everything hit the fan, I kinda floated between orion and Pganabolics. But from my past experience BT was great, always was great too me.
  9. I'm new here dont bite lol I've used BT many of times before, I lived by it for 2 years before they had there little issue but I'm happy to see there still improving!!!
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