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  1. Tbh I’m not sure why transpharma is even still around.... and to see they are still conduct business in a less than professional manner just baffles me. I had issues a few years ago about parts breaking and having to overnight things from China blah blah blah IMO stick with the ones who work as hard as you do.
  2. BT tren is good and I believe the colour of the tren has most to do with the raw product used and the amount of time it takes for the impurities to be cooked off, a darker tren usually means it was baked or cooked longer and almost looks "burnt" in my limited experience the colour doesn't really indicate quality
  3. I did not bash BT at all tho... I've been off the boards for a while and figured I would stop by and add my two cents, I am not stiring any metaphorical "pot" I will keep my opinions to myself from now on
  4. What is a review without comparison? My logic is sound and I will make the argument that how can we know the worth/ quality/ effectiveness of somthing if we do not have anything to compare it to? That's all i did here... He most definitely did not push me to say this I have both dracorex and bt dbol on hand right now, the only two labs I've used in the last year and I wasn't all that impressed with BT's dbol at the same "dose" I felt Draco to b more effective. BT's dbol/adrol blend however is really good. If you will notice I have also posted a positive review in bodytechs review section You can remove that part of my review if you do not agree with it that's fine These are just my, personal/subjective, reviews
  5. Your a piece of shit if you use the safe injection sites to obtain free needles and not use them to shoot dope U have enough money for gear and you are "healthy" don't b a cheap cunt our tax dollars should not be spent on you because you are to cheap or to much of a pussy to the drugstore and buy them. Give your fucking head a shake The durgstores have to sell them to you it is illegal for them not to, something about the tertiary care act and harm reduction or something like that, Iam not one hundred percent sure of legal jargon but they cannot deny you and even If they do fuck it go some where else.

    Justin Trudeau

    What a dumb fuck the jt is I hope the convoy heading to Ottawa can actually make some noise and get his attention and that the message from the west is heard, big decisions this week have the trans mountain in limbo again, line 3 replacement in the states is set to be completed early 2020 and the preliminary work for the Keystone has begun, pipelines help fuel this country and the fact we bought one for 4 billion and it keeps getting delayed is a crock of shit.
  7. Rep was very easy to deal with excellent communication The injects are definitely good although have some PIP, using the test e 250+400 The nolva is good, the Viagra is amazing best UG Viagra I have tried in a long time and the dbol is really good probably better than BT's I can blast them heavy for a week to 10 days and easily put on 5-10lbs keep me looking full and swole! All in all good service and good products! No complaints here.
  8. That's why I stopped dealing with then a while ago not worth the hassle.
  9. I will also add that I am loving the madol gets me pumped up focused and full/hard looking use it about an hour preworkout The jack hammers are good as always and my buddy is really liking the priligy Best lab in the game for a while now!
  10. BT is by far the most consistent and reliable outfit I have used in the last five years. Bar none! Always smooth transactions and excellent eta. Ive got 5 bottles of the shredder blend and it is working great, never really like masteron but it seems to really benefit the overall success of this blend! i got my buddy some thinking it would help him shed a few pounds but he went from 290 to 305 in about two months lol, he lost body fat but gained a shit ton of muscle the guy is huge. And that’s off of 1cc eod. Good stuff!!
  11. So many new and interesting products emerging lately with legalization. I personal prefer a little thc before I workout it helps me with focus and clarity and I believe enhances my mind muscle connection. i found a really good strain that is 15% Cbd and 15% THC, I get the best of both worlds and used preworkout I get a nice little buzz of focus and the healing properties that help with my arthritis from the cbd. I will also add I prefer sativa over indica strains. Sativa is more of a head buzz with a boost of focus and clarity. Heavy indica dominant strains tend to make me lethargic and give me anxiety. Happy experimenting!
  12. Quick quick shoutout to BT! Been using them for a while now and they are number one is customer service and quality! They always treat me very well! Nothing but good things to say!
  13. Body techs Priligy really works well. It is Not for me though lol. As a wise man once said, hurt her from the inside and she will never forget you....
  14. New Rep is easy to deal with and the price for the quality is unmatched, excellent service and communication. Any issues have been dealt with often times with over compensation, they even threw in some complimentary cialis with my last order!! On on a side note if ur on tren I wouldn’t recommend using that new “porn star” privelgy (Sp) it works... maybe to well couldn’t come for hours the girls hate it hahahaha hahahah
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