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  1. Have you had a chance to try the testolone? I got great results from a low dosage of cardarine. Huge increase in my cardio abilities- climbed literal mountains on it haha Woooo!
  2. Well after two weeks of solid nutrition, rest and of course the gyms finally being open I’m feeling like a beast again- been running the test c 400 at 800mg a week (coming on 8 weeks now) and 3 or 4 anabull’s a day with 25mg of aromasin a night and absolutely killing it!! Always good results with BT!
  3. Should have went with the TNT 450... since you were running both test and tren. I can attest that it is very good. Hard to measure the actually “effectiveness”of tren even with blood work other than elevated estrogen and pictures/ subjective interpretation. Speaking of which, were you running an ai at all? No mention of that. And at such a low dose of test you were probably bellow or at baseline normal ranges, then taking an exogenous hormone that will further suppress your bodies natural hormones. The balance was probably way off. Why run so much tren and not equal or more test? What were yo
  4. Just wanted to give a quick update on the shredder blend, I’ve never ran mast prop before I have some experience with tren A (not bodytech) and it wasn’t great. Cardio completely shit the bed could barely walk up the stairs. This blend however is amazing, my endurance and overall athleticism has increased drastically. I’m also taking 20mg of cardarine And loving it. Don’t get winded nearly as easy and I’m riding my pedal bike 20km a day after working ten hours a day and really starting to lean out. Probably the best I’ve looked in the last year feeling fast and healthy!! Definitely would reco
  5. Brave man/ woman using DNP lol I’m running hot enough as it is with the shredder blend- had to hook up the AC already. Keep us posted!
  6. This whole thread is laughable I learned my lesson with these guys back in the days of CM. One bad review is as good as one hundred.
  7. Huge shoutout to BodyTech I have been on and off the boards for the better of ten years and Body Tech has proven time and time again that they are without a doubt the highest quality, most consistent and most reliable. I have made well over 20 orders over the years and they have never let me town, I’ve introduced a hand full of close friends to the line as well and they have nothing but great things to say!! I am currently running the shredder blend at 1cc eod, I am about two weeks in and the results are already noticeable, my waist has shrunk and I’m starting to get back the definition tha
  8. I’m a hair farmer right now, sitting around watching my hair grow hahaha
  9. 24mg of ephedrine would rock my heart of my chest lol
  10. -Extra large Black Coffee and 80mg of dianabol - 20 minutes in the lay down tanning bed to get oiled up and the blood flowing or i just noticed Walmart sells Hyde preworkout for 30 bucks in my area... same one at Popeyes is 56.... fuck Popeyes. im currently taking dymatize pre WO right and it’s mediocre. To much tingling for my liking, I do like the generous helping of citruline Malate
  11. I’ve been off creating for the better part of a year and just started taking the purple k creating by fusion. I am loving the pump and the fullness I get from it! Also put on around a solid 5lbs in the first week. so obviously I am looking bigger and fulller. over the years I’ve experimented with all kinds of creatives, mono, krealkalyn, blends and the one I found to be the most beneficial to me was creative magnesium chelate. It’s contained in the blend kreagong which works well too and is relatively cheap. But if anyone knows of a brand that carries straight creative magnesium ch
  12. I’ve always focused on instinctual training, meaning only working out that which will would be beneficial or produce the greatest results. I don’t train a muscle if it’s soar from the session before or if I have had a strenuous day would would contest My results. Listen to your body! Ps I am not a bodybuilding but have been training for the better part of a decade.
  13. Wow very great read with loads of information. Lots of value in short. also interesting to note the xenoestrogens I’ve never heard about this before but I would like to read more about. Thanks for the share!!!
  14. Great news! I’m running a cc of test E 250 and a cc of test c 400 a week and loving it. I have used their HCG in the past and it worked really well. Be sure to incomparable an anti estrogen tho because it worked well enough to make my nipples start itching- I took arimidex 0.5mg usually coinciding with a shot HCG and good to go! Big balls hahah
  15. Tbh I’m not sure why transpharma is even still around.... and to see they are still conduct business in a less than professional manner just baffles me. I had issues a few years ago about parts breaking and having to overnight things from China blah blah blah IMO stick with the ones who work as hard as you do.
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