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  1. Thank U BT, great service, fast delivery, best products. Respect.
  2. Review on BT tren base: 5am injected ,into medial glute 1ml tren base and 1ml nectar of the gods,6am gym, screamed and worked like chainsaw for 2.5 hours did my legs very nice deep pumps lots of power great feelings. Tren base great addition to nectar of the gods and tdrol.Thank bt team for creating powerful juice. Pip; someone already said :if one chose this road it is no pip it is discomfort. Respect.
  3. Love PRIMO ,but just PRIMO alone long process,then maybe PRIMO,Var and small amounts of Test. Still believe SARMS will shape her better . Respect.
  4. Hi Russian chick! SARMS :Ostarine, Cardarine,Stenabolic. Respect.
  5. Have a good ride Brother! Lifting Gamer! BT Great, Rep and Team Best.Tdrol great compound ,U would love it. Respect.
  6. Hi every body! Just got my order from BT. Customer service ,delivery and products Rock. Btrep offered two free products Tdrol and Nectar of the Gods definitely will experiment with this two and let everybody know how it is works for me.
  7. Happy for U,Gain Train! I believe GameChanger Responsible for all good work they do.Respect.
  8. Forgot to mention, Delivery best in the world ordered Monday, Tuesday morning at my step door. Respect.
  9. Hi everyone! Over two months I order four times from BT: superdrol, Trest ace,Primo, DHB,Tren A,Shredder,Caber,Aromasin.Using gears over 30 years ,This lab produce top notch gears. Trest ace give me very nice well being fillings and boner all day long,powerful juice.No sides ,no headache, no PiP all ways use 11\2 needle doesn't matter where I pin. I want to try there Test base and Tren base,to bad web-site down. Respect..
  10. With all Respect Bother,I think it against the law to pass that info here,I have there web but I don't have can I give it to U. Respect.
  11. Ok. Syn pharma!What I usde: Var, Winny,Deca ,T400, Test E,Tren A,Test p, Masteron e, masteron p. Primo. Var and Winny do there job very good,pumps,viens, lower back pumps.Deca ,T400, Masteron E and primo great gear .Ok Im 60 yearsold I start do this long time ago. I will be back.Time to pump Iron.
  12. Agree with Napalm, Top notch lab,delivery very fast,using Syn for a for a year .
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