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  1. Please, no flaming lol. I have run Newport gear in the past (2017) used their test e, tren e, primo, winny tabs, proviron, turinabol, anavar, and cialis. I got it from a local "rep" at my gym. All were decent except for cialis which was inconsistent - not every tab in the packet was potent. All in all, pretty good for ug. I got some stuff about 3 months ago - sustanon, anavar, proviron, and cialis and quite frankly, it seems rather anemic to the point of being bunk. Once I get my BT gear, I'm tossing the Newport. Anyone else have feedback on Newport?
  2. I do. Works fine for me, but everyone is different.
  3. I run low dose for trt and blast. Trt is 125 1x/wk cruise and if I “blast” it’s 250 (1cc) test e, 40 (.2cc) tren e, 60 (.3cc) EQ, 40 (.2 cc) mast e for a total of 390/wk...1 poke on Monday am. After 30+ years, I’ve built enough muscle (for me) that low dose does me just dandy. I have done the high-dose, pin ed thing...I like to just pin once a week now.
  4. To quote the infamous Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane from Dukes of Hazzard: “Good news, good news!” https://thegunblog.ca/2019/08/14/cacp-police-chiefs-lobby-opposes-gun-bans-the-canadian-press/ This is huge news. If Canadian police chiefs are not supporting a handgun ban, Turdeau and his Libtards don’t stand a chance of passing their stupid gun-ban laws.
  5. I've dealt with polycythemia because of trt...my nephrologist told me to donate blood regularly. Works like a charm.
  6. Google "mens clinic Toronto"...I believe there are many in the GTA
  7. Gun ban ain't gonna happen
  8. Boy shooting the AR
  9. My son shooting my CX4 9mm. The kid's a fuckin' sniper!
  10. Garage Security - Churchill 12 Ga pump.
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