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  1. So they are playing "sour grapes" now and targeting your child? Petty bastards for real. Glad to hear you took action and got results. Operations like that need to have the light shone upon them. Hopefully you find a great, new daycare for your little guy soon!
  2. Thanks Corey for nipping this in the bud. I have hidden a few of the filthier posts but I see you have it quoted - this I think is publicly viewable. It's the c**k word...not a prude, just looks crass snd has no place being viewable
  3. BT tren base is the shit! 10x better than test base imho. Been running it for a while now, pwo and it is insane. It's like crack for BBers lol
  4. Sorry to hear about your little guy's mishap. Hope he is ok. As others stated, the daycare is 100% responsible for your child and liable for everything that happens while under their care. It's why they carry "liability insurance". Do not, under any circumstances, sign a waiver. I know it's not in our nature, as friendly Canadians, to rock the boat, but when your own child is involved, the gloves come off. I'm not trying to agitate you brother, but they are trying to make you eat a big, steamy plate of shit. My dad always told me "you may get in shit, you may have to take some shit, but don't ever eat shit." Frankly, if you are certain they are "face down on their phones", you can level a charge of "willful neglect of duty" https://www.edd.ca.gov/uibdg/Misconduct_MC_310.htm It's an American site, but the principle is universal. I have had similar shit happen with my son at school when he was younger (many, many long stories lol). A call to cps, local tv station, local newspaper, ministry of family services, and a letter to the principal always worked. Good luck buddy!
  5. Welcome to the board. It's a great place here for sharing and gaining knowledge! BT is 100%!
  6. Poked the BT tren base pre-wo a few hours ago. Chest and tris today. Cranked 1 cc and no pip, aggression was amped up within the hour, pump was utterly stupid (in a good way), and I felt like I could go for hours. I can see this gear being addictive. Usually, by the end of chest day I'm nauseous but today I just wanted to keep going. Rest and diet were same as always. I dislike leg day. I can see the tren base being very beneficial for extra motivation. Mocha colour suspension, micronized, mixed easily with minimal shaking and easily slid thru a 27Ga., 1/2" 'slin pin.
  7. I'm good for a few weeks - personal stash Great service, excellent prices, fast shipping, top-notch gear!
  8. Double entendre - Livin’Large - my lifestyle and my size
  9. I'm in this camp. 150 mg test e / 150 mg primo per week and I'm quite happy. I may go as high as 200/200 for a short (6-8 wk blast). Mind you, I have 30+ yrs lifting under my belt and my training + diet is tight as a drum. Guys rely far too heavily on the gear to bring about the results.
  10. Yeah, I get it 100%. Like the people who eat 98% of a pizza THEN call Dominos to complain. It was a suspect post, no doubt. We don't need horse-shit conduct or shit-heads here. That's for CJM and Meso. Your reaction, imho for what it's worth, was spot-on and justified.
  11. Even after 30+ years of juicing, I get a bad poke now and again, regardless of ug lab. Short-esters, dht-based/derived, injecting too quick, and my favourite nicking a nerve have all caused problems. Nicking a nerve has always brought about debilitating pain...and I don't use the word pain often, I'm more of a discomfort guy. Buddy with the problem most likely nicked a nerve. BT is some of the finest gear around, imho.
  12. Excellent comparison! The Rock exudes masculinity (some would say toxic levels lol) and Turdeau is basically a woman. I like The Rock.
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