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Okay boys and girls here we go.   So when superman pills were first developed I was asked to trial them well obviously me hammering tren non stop and well the addition of cebaser I Said suer why not.  WELL

I was heading out of country for my wedding and said Hey ill bring a few with me and threw then in a bottle of anti Estrogen caps and well fuck Me.  when I gt home I threw the bottles in my drawer and forget about them.


So here we go I was pn cycle a few months later and had a briefing I had to give to some senior ranks and welll I needed to pop and anti E so of course I grabbed the bottle of adex an popped one YA it was not adex it was a fucking superman.   well as soon as I started to get stuffy I KNEW I FUCKED Up and well lets just say I was hiding behind the podium and in a great deal of pain and severely uncomfortable I felt like  Lessard in police academy....  Not  great time.   Morale of the STORY DONT DO WHAT I DID

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Fuck ya thats what im talking about lmao.   I am nitrous for fucking reusing bottles lets say they all went in the trash lol.......I took what I thought was Crestor once ya it was a clonazepam and ya just before a long drive NOT COOL I am the worst that way LESSON LEARNED.      This is a safe space fore us to fucking make fun of our fuck ups hahahaha.  I am the king of fuck ups ask mrs Talon. she has a ton she called me bumbles.  Tomorrow will be a story if Talon Tren and Cebaser lol. Basically wife said if I run that combo again I will die.  OH god Talons first run of DNP is a good one too lol

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OKAY soooooo speaking of mouth hugs in the chat box.


So here we go I was teasing the wife that I needed more mouth hugs lol I like to fuck with her hat way anyway she was not having any of it even though I threw out a bunch of bullshit made up science fact etc,  so I went to PLAN B.  I called my very catholic and innocent mother in law and told her that she needed to have a talk with her daughter and she needed to tell her to give me more youth hugs especially before going to work .   She asked what a mouth hug was and I said slag for a KISS hahahaha well FUCK ME doesn't she all my wife and slam her telling her to give me as many mouth hugs as I want and what is wrong with her for not doing them.   WELL FUCK I almost died when I got a call from the wife who had to have a very awkward convo with her mother and actually had to explain to her what a mouth hug really was YAAAAAA Christmas will be fun this year

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On 11/16/2018 at 4:11 PM, Frank.Castle said:

Pushed the envelope by licking dead horses??? Atleast when they’re dead they can’t kick there’s a plus haha 

i personaly draw the line at beastiity.... apparently you and easy don’t but hey to each their own 

Hey man... some people just gotta do whatever they need to do to get through the day.....

Guess i'm lucky. I pop probably 5-8 different pills in a day, more if there's a girl involved, but they all look different. No confusion here!

There was a time when i got a nice little deal on an armful of unmarked 30mg ephedrine. Tiny little pills, almost 3/4 the size of your typical supp-store ephedrine, but almost 4 times the potency. WONDERFUL stuff... oh my fucking god... (yeah, i like my ephedrine...). And yeah, they happened to look exactly the same as the 8mg store ones, just slightly smaller. Was always worried i'd accidentally pop 3-4 of those 30's by accident. I'm far too careful for this stuff though. 

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okay so another great moment in Talons Corner.

I was dating my wife maybe 2 or 3 weeks and went to her place from the base one Night.  as we were new to this relationship I would never bust ass or burp infant of her.  she went up stairs to shower and I had what I thought was a huge fart to get out.   Ya turns out it wasn't a fart and I ended up shitting a little,  AnyWHO what to do what to do,  I panicked and ran to her downstairs bathroom and took the boxers off and shoved them into the bottom of the trash can thinking I was in the clear and not realizing she reuses garbage bags and dumped the garbage never throwing out the bag liner.   Needless to say she found the boxers and my nickname became poopy for years after that.   Moral of the story never trust a FART

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