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Nootropics what is your experience?

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Hi guys 

We all want to take that magic pills who make us like Limitless the movie ( I do lol) but it doesn’t exist I try lately what some say is the best alternative to Modafinil !

Fighter Pilot use this pills and many airline pilot to have the edge I never try it and it is hard to find in Canada ( maybe a lab here can help us)  I find what I believe to be the best option so far

it is pretty good it make me feel better memory is definitely on the up side I am not related to those guys this is a real review ? 



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I know this is a dated post but feel this is valuable to add.  You can purchase adrafinil without prescription in NA which is a precursor for modafinil after it's been processed by your liver. Same effects, but with the metabolizing there is a loss ratio and longer time for effect to begin. I have a cupboard full of various nootropics also  such as aniracetam, oxiracetam adrafinil,  noopept etc  to play with from time to time.

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On 11/20/2018 at 10:29 AM, GenetecResearch said:



have you used modafinil before? It blows that gorrilla mind junk out of the water.

I have used Modafinil fairly extensively.

It's bloody awesome except for one very serious shortcoming. You develop tolerance to it so quickly that you really can only use it effectively for short bursts. You can raise the dose some but that is short lived for benefits and you eventually just have to take a break and let your tolerance reset.

It has very high bio-availability, even orally, although the exact % isn't really known due to solubility factors but I know peeps who have taken it both orally and intranasal with equal over-all effect just the nasal route had faster onset.

My own experience with it was pretty damned good I must say and I wish the tolerance thing wasnt such a factor but I guess you can't have everything lol...The over-all effect on alertness, cognitive function, is a major boost although for actual fatigue it isn't as good, for me anyway, as Ritalin or Dextroamphetamine, both of which I take regularly by prescription, not concurrently but I rotate back and forth.

If you get a chance I say by all means give it a go. it's not the "Limitless" drug but it's pretty enjoyable if you like that sort of thing.

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