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alright I'm 280 50 inch chest 19 inch arms

thanks you 2. I should be working come January. heres progress update. waist trimmed a bit I've upped my cardio.

I believe now is the time to stop looking at the scale and go by how your clothing is fitting and how you look in the mirror the scale can drive you crazy at times , You are killing it bro !

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 No you are wrong, you are holding the muscle, it’s just there isn’t as big of layer of fat laying on top of it making it look bigger.  As long as  you keep training your body will hold on to the muscle.

Dude wait till you can see cuts in your muscle, actualky see the way it looks when you flex it, not hidden under all that fat and you will be so addicted to being lean.

Btw you can see the improvments you have made already.  You have your work cut out for you, don’t get discouraged it’s worth it.

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You aren’t losing muscle. You have a ton of fat on top of your muscle so yes when you cut fat your overall size will diminish. When you carry that much extra weight it is going to happen. Keep going and cutting man, you will be much happier if you lose it. People never believe how much fat they actually have and can lose before they are actually cut. Do it slowly and you won’t lose much muscle at all. If you are currently 290 lbs I would bet your decent scale weight would be around 205 lbs. 

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1 hour ago, TO_Lifter said:

What's your diet like? It should be pretty easy to lose few lbs every week consistently.

It would be super easy. I would bet if he just cut out drinks, pop, juice etc. he would lose 20+ lbs in 3 weeks. Then cut carbs in half and he will drop fat like crazy.

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