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another couple pics

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alright I'm 280 50 inch chest 19 inch arms

thanks you 2. I should be working come January. heres progress update. waist trimmed a bit I've upped my cardio.

I believe now is the time to stop looking at the scale and go by how your clothing is fitting and how you look in the mirror the scale can drive you crazy at times , You are killing it bro !

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Keep it up bro your doing well, I’ll share with you I was 374 pounds at one point looked like shit felt like shit , then I looked in the mirror said fuck this , it’s a mind thing you live and breath cardio , eat clean for yourself you don’t need anyone’s praise you do this for you ! You remind me of myself in ways , your doing fucking amazing brother don’t give up now , I even ran gear when I shouldn’t , when I got my weight down such as your doing I won’t lie I ran gear but with the advice of a seasoned bodybuilder all I ran was 300-500 mg of test mild AI because  of the high body fat worked well for me because I slowly added lean muscle that helped burn calories but it but me in a happy state . Do your cardio even if you hate it .! Your coming so far and doing well at this , if I can you it you can do it , I was a fat fuck that loved junk ! I want you to succeed because I see you love this and you have heart ! We’re all here for you ! Use us !! We all have something to give !

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