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PGCL - Bodybuilding's most potent drug

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With the use of anabolic steroids and growth hormone endemic in bodybuilding and strength sports today, athletes have increasingly sought out ever new drugs to gain an edge. The widespread adoption of peptides such as IGF-1 LR3, Mechanogrowth factor (MGF), GHRP-6 and CJC-1295, along with insulin, beta agonists such as clenbuterol, dopaminergics, aromatase inhibitors, EPO and many other exotic drugs, has only made people more hungry still, everyone hoping to find the drug that will revolutionize their physique.

Now, we have seen rumors of a new underground drug which promises the answer to our prayers, a drug so powerful knowledge of its existence has been kept secret to a select group who have borne witness to its dramatic, transformative effects. A drug where the hype promises to incinerate fat faster than DNP, causes greater vascularity than EPO, that promises to cause greater site specific growth than steroids or MGF, to drop water faster and safer than diuretics, and even get rid of gynecomastia without the need for surgery. The name of this apparent giant amongst bodybuilding drugs is Cloprostenol Sodium, better known as PGCL. An analogue of Prostaglandin Factor 2-Alpha (PGF2-A), PGCL has never been licensed for human use and indeed PGF2-A was designed as a drug to induce spontaneous abortions in animals. Given this you might expect PGCL to have some bad side effects. In fact, bad is a serious understatement, and the list of this drug's side effects are enough to deter all but the most brave or foolhardy. Side Effects of PGCL Using a minimal dose of 40mcg, within ten minutes users will immediately have to evacuate their bowels. Prolonged diarrhea for several minutes will be encountered alongside abdominal pain. At the same time, the area injected will become inflamed and painful to either touch or to contract, but usually this subsides to a point where the muscle can still be worked effectively. A fall in energy levels, nausea, body temperature and flu-like symptoms is a common occurrence. Although the magnitude of the side effects tends to diminish with continued use, they remain nevertheless, and PGCL is nothing other than an uncomfortable experience for the user. The way the drug is administered requires it to be dosed multiple times during the day. Typically, users have been injecting 20mcg bilaterally (so 40mcg split between 20mcg on the left and right body parts) three times daily for a total of 120mcg daily. They will typically start with just a daily dose of 40mcg and build up to taking it three times a day. Some hardcore individuals have gone beyond 120mcg a day but at that point side effects begin to outweigh any benefits that the user may experience. This represents another of the drug's major drawbacks with users having to become human pin cushions as they rotate injection sites around. Results of PGCL use So what are the actual benefits experienced and do they live up to the hype? Based on personally viewing a number of bodybuilders who have taken this drug it certainly has a profound impact on more than just their bowel movements. Fat loss and vascularity is markedly improved within days, and it is far more potent than human growth hormone (HGH) in this respect. Reports of dramatic reductions in bodyfat as measured by calipers, along with enhanced muscle size at the muscles being injected certainly create a dramatic improvement in physique, not witnessed by any other drug. At the same time, PGCL clearly acts as a diuretic which accounts for the enhanced vascularity and improved physical appearance to some extent. However, even with bodybuilders eating to excess on this drug, I have seen very little, if any, fat gain in users even when calories were increased substantially. Instead, unless calories are increased a lot, strength and performance may suffer due to the reduction in body fat and water. It is a common tactic to try to take in as many calories as possible, frequently via the use of meal replacement products to help try to defend against the weight loss inducing effects of PGCL. Given the appetite suppressing effects encountered by users of PGCL meal replacement products and protein powders are often needed in fact to try to keep up calorie and fluid intake. Even then, weight losses of around 10lbs in a week are not uncommon, and unlike dieting the results tend to come very quickly and easily. Alongside the dropping of weight, PGCL users will frequently report enhanced muscle mass at the sites they inject. A common protocol is to inject in just one (weak) body part up to three times a day to try to bring up lagging body parts. Gains of an inch in arm measurements after a week or two are not unusual, but with continued use these gains do not seem to last. This would appear to indicate its effects are primarily related to muscle swelling rather than actual muscle growth. Instead, with continued use of PGCL beyond a couple of weeks, users inevitably begin to lose muscle and strength. This drug has not shown itself to be a reliable muscle builder in any person who has taken it witnessed by me. However, the illusion of size given by much improved definition, along with accompanying swelling where the muscle is injected may be enough for many people to want to try PGCL. Some of the wilder claims about this drug are it can kill gyno, but I can only look at the example of one guy who tried this but had to stop due to injection pain, to say that if it works, no-one to date seems to have been able to demonstrate this. Given the mechanisms behind which gynecomastia occurs it would appear highly unlikely PGCL, will have much of an impact.

Concluding Thoughts PGCL clearly has a very strong action within the body, both negatively, in terms of side effects, and positively, in terms of fat loss. Despite the fact that continued use with it eventually seems to result in muscle loss, this may be a result largely of the fact that too much weight loss, even if purely fat and water, will eventually lead to strength and then muscle loss. Indeed, given the magnitude of weight loss experienced by users, the drug may actually have a muscle sparing effect as reductions in strength and muscle mass are relatively slight, and often absent until at least 10lbs of bodyweight has been lost. In fact, even in those who run PGCL longer and lose up to 20lbs in bodyweight, the accompanying strength and muscle mass lost is relatively slight when compared to regular dieting, or even dieting with the aid of pharmaceuticals such as clenbuterol, T3 and growth hormone. PGCL is not a drug for novice bodybuilders or anyone with a poor grasp of sports nutrition basics, and those who are looking to gain muscle and strength may be better off with anabolic steroids or prohormones. For those who are looking for a fat burning drug which allows them to lose weight without dieting, then PGCL will prove to be of interest to those able to withstand its many side effects.

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