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unexpected growth

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Hey folks

Little update And input 

So this past summer for the first time in my life. I took a full 6 weeks off from the gym.. no training at all. Prior to that I prob missed a handful of gym days a yr..

I ve trained for yrs and manipulated pretty much every factor in muscle growth I can.. different diets( high fat..hi carb.hi protein) carb back load.  Different training philosophies..hit..volume.. 5x5. Etc etc

Various drugs.. but

My cycles in the past where most test tren..  500 test per week tren 300 .. with an oral or some kind 

But after the 6 weeks off I returned to the gym and had unexpectedly results 

I had my gotten a scale since June( pre 6 week break)

my starts at the time where (according to the new health check stations in local grocery stores)

5 foot 4

155 lbs lean mass.. total body weight 190..

When I returned to the gym my weight was 189. I was surpised

Anyway I started training just 4 days a week for 2 months naturally..

I revisited the same health check station the last week of October.. results stated thst I gained 5.8 lbs lean mass.. my body weight 192.

Got on the gear in November 

700 test. 300 deca..  my weight rose to 199..

Diet was

250 gram protein

300 carbs..( my minimum goal but I def ate more) most from chocolate milk tbh lol

Fat 60 to 80

I stretched out my training week so my whole body is basically covered over 8 days instead of the usually six. I added an day off  and a weakness day. 

Then some shit happened, my car broke down lol and I got laid off til march. Ex died.

4 financial reasons and a rut I unexpectedly started a mini cut.I wound up missing meals.. so I decide to do an experiment.. intermittently fasting......

My body weight dropped from 199 to 190.  Doing no actually cardio but obv I'm walking abit more( mini)

Macros were the same just in a window btw 12 PM and 8pm

Results as of today

188.. body fat.  No idea.. but I'm absolutely the leanest I've been at this weight..

In the past I'd have to start doing tons of fasted cardio .  Closely monitor food and woud struggle just to lose 5 lbs. ( I have hypothyroidism.  150 mcg of synthroid ) so I figured it was just harder 4 me to stay lean..but Now sonething interesting is happening..  I struggle to keep weight on..if I miss a meal i literally see it on the scale the next day..odd from my experience. 

I lowered my doses last week to combat some emotion stuff I figure was related to estrogen  which have subsided

what do pll think is happening..

My metabolism, the older I get, seems to have increased.  I m 34  .. not 24 anymore shouldnt it be harder lol...I can eat junk ..train less..use less gear and I'm still getting results..   I'm leaner now at 188ish then 175..

Is all this from the 6 weeks off and added recovery

Is My faster metabolism the result of added muscle? 

I don't try to lift super heavy atm. No triples or doubles...as matter of a fact my reps are up on all my lifts...just recently I randomly repped 225 for 36 (3 weeks ago ) got 40 last chest day  .. nother unexpected result lol small call to try to hit 50  lol but looking to do 41 nrxt attempt

My plan is to get my little ass back up 200.. going back to 6 meals with extra macros..I love abs but not right, they are unexpected and I am content to be pudgey.. I may use the fasting approach to dieting since i seemed to have great results. Or perhaps use it if I get stuck dieting.


And no I haven't checked my stats yet ...but as I said , im188 again but way leaner.. 

So is all this from more rest?

Seems it lol?






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More muscle you will burn more cals.

But your a ecto so it's hard for you to gain weight, so it's from training less.

Train more like you did, and your result will stop. Then go back to this workout routine with your added rest day....then you will see the difference.

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On 2/7/2019 at 6:46 PM, Frank.Castle said:

 @Trapsandlats11@funnyman Knows his shit if you ever needed help he’s the man to talk to

Lol I'm just speculating tbh.. I always over trained .. slowing down as I got older maybe be helping lol

Thx 4 the compliment btw.! Good to see ur stil around!

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