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Has the end part of the story ever happened to anyone else


So i had some bad gyno flair up for the first time in my life i was very worried. Out of nowhere i had a pea sized lump under both nipples. 

Couldnt get access to any ai or serms because i was travelling(i go around the world alot with work). It suddenly tripled under one nip

I was shitting my pants! Got some arimidex and nolva. Ran 1 mg arimidex a day and 40mg a day of nolva for a week then dropped the nolva to 20 for 2 weeks. 


Gyno got about half the size of a pea on the right side and gone on the left. 

Was grappling the other night while finishing this protocol and felt a crunch in my right nipp it really hurt and felt wet. Gyno completely gone.


Mind is blown has this happened to anyone else or is this all a coincidence 

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