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Few TUDCA sources

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18 hours ago, Nissan said:

A few sources I came across. 

> https://tudca.ca/

Use coupon code: PG10 for 10% off. Shipping is free. 


But they charge $20 for shipping! 😲


Best deal (so far). 90 caps vs 60, 500mg vs 250mg, shipping $5 ✔️ 

The ones you posted are half nac and half tudca. So they are not 500mg of tudca

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I use the Canadian Medical Supplies Tudca. Works good. I get around shipping by just making sure to order with more stuff (you always need syringes right?).

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On 3/24/2019 at 3:45 PM, MuscleDummy said:

Any one try the gun show stuff? 

I use it multiple time it smell extremely bad so my guess it is quality my very sensitive liver stay in range on it!

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Above is a link for 20 grams of tudca for $35 plus $5 shipping. Most of the bottles of capsules contain 15 grams total for $60 plus so you save at least $20 and gain 5 grams of tudca. You can buy empty capsules here for $10


and if you want a capsule filling machine you can get it here for $29.99 https://www.amazon.ca/gp/aw/d/B07B261JWP/ref=ox_sc_act_image_4?smid=ACAXNMVE8GJOF&psc=1

I have one on order. I’ll let everyone know how it performs. I’m also going to use these capsules and the filling machine for turmeric powder!!

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