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My Personal Proven Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

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If you are not using the strongest tool currently availaible in terms of cognitive enhancement, stress reduction and overall health improvement, you're missing out.




Full texts are directly linked in the referenced links on the website.


I sure wish I had bitten the bullet earlier, but here I am, happy as ever.


I've experienced a massive change in overall mentality, cognitive clarity and ability.


If you don't think meditation is powerful or can help you, please explain why. I'm genuinely interested.

A lot of people, when asked, simply exclaim: "I cannot meditate! It's impossible for me."

This is a cop-out. Belief is a strong thing. Change your beliefs - change yourself.


NB: Here's the truth about early/beginner meditation training: It isn't about having no thoughts or THINKING ABOUT NOTHING as many people claim. No, it's about passively observing the thoughts you have, not judging them, and gently pushing your attention back on your breathing whenever you stray.


Wish you all the best,

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meditation is very important in a world full of stress and worry. We as humans need to learn to ground ourselves

For some,the gym grounds them but that is a temp relief. Our goal is to find a solution that helps us through out the day and self time is very important for that

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