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fake vortex from dracorex

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i had informed staff of some people claiming to have vortex and they were getting pain and pip,mainly sustanon and the t400. these are the same items that many of them used and never had an issue. It made no sense how these people obtained items but then some of my clients forwarded me info. I will attach all screenshots as the staff here have suggested.

What is worrisome for all labs is that taureau used the email database from northern muscle and was emailing everyone using fake email addresses to get clients for dracorex. In my screenshot you will see a fake vortex email address but when the client ordered,he received dracorex items and he was confused as hell. He didnt realize the email address was different at the time and simply thought it was me. You will see on the item list,there are many items that we at vortex do not even sell. Its basically a carbon copy of the bodytech list that taureau used to con clients. So not only did he use all these email addresses and potentially stole some of our clients but he also sold stuff that he did not even have.

Labs should really start to ask themselves,why the hell are we funding his board with auctions when all he does is try to hijack our clients that we all work hard for. Oly was right that taureau was stealing clients .In the emails ,taureau also being an amateur he cc;d everyone. So now all the 75 email addresses were visible to one another. This taureau shit has gone way too far now.





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What a cunt thing to do. Sucks for those who pinned gear that gave them adverse effects/pain.


Gotta really pay attention to email addresses nowadays. Especially making sure you're only emailing from the same email provider (ie Tutanota to Tutanota or proton to proton) 

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