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Canada Peptide temp halt?

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Screenshot_20190705-160726_Chrome.thumb.jpg.4537e4b1b62949d90c749034265e6c6a.jpgHey all, 

 Anyone know anything about this? Went to their site to order, and was greeted by a notice they're temporarily shut down. Hope it's not that long.... 


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5 hours ago, NorthernLifters said:

major crackdown by health canada from what i heard from my contacts

be prepared for a major price increase if some companies stick around


Health Canada, what a joke! They're worried about harmless things, for the most part, nobody in the news dropping dead from SARMS or Peptides, containers of Fentanyl coming in from China and Mexico and a bullshit narrative being driven by high ups in Medicine and Health Canada/govt that this "so-called" opioid crisis is linked to over prescribing of pharmaceuticals. Complete and utter bullshit, the whole narrative. Canada never has had anything that could even be mistaken for an opioid crisis linked to prescribing but it suits these dicks to have the public think thats the case. What pockets of a problem there are they do nothing to stop and it's still all about illicit drugs and any meds involved were obtained illicitly as well.

The only reason Health Canada would even be looking at Peptides/SARMS is if someone with some clout is losing money over it!

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I realized that in my anger with health Canada, I left out a crucial bit of info regarding their ineptness and how they, along with other branches of govt, are a complete failure at pretty much everything they do as regards things of this nature.

So i mentioned  container loads of Fentanyl coming into the country from China and Mexico and on the surface that would seem to imply that we would have a big issue with those sorts of illicit substances here and then lend a little more credibility to this false narrative about the opioid crisis. That would seem to be the case right up until the point that you learn that the biggest % of all of those drugs, coming in through Canadian ports, don't stay in Canada. They come in here because it is so much simpler than coming in via the USA ports, or via USA border crossing from Mexico. So they end up going right back out again, overland or via air to private air strips, because going from Canada south into the states is beyond easy. If those on our side, responsible for stopping this, had any shame they would be seriously embarrassed by how much of this goes on and how easy it is for the skels to get away with it. Another portion of the drugs stays here temporarily until it is used by certain gangs to purchase weapons. The people selling the weapons are again from south of the border and after the transaction off they go with their drugs back home to the USA.

So the end result is that Health Canada and the govt, who pull the strings of law enforcement are either completely incompetent or 100% corrupt but either way this is the result. health Canada also plays a roll in the smaller amounts that come in through the mail because of this BS crisis narrative and the effect that it has had on chronic pain patients making it extremely difficult to get effective pain medication. Many people turn to Fentanyl from China and as the law prohibits any mail item less than 28 grams from being opened the drugs come in easily and 28 grams of fentanyl is a huge supply for 1 person's needs.Then by doing things like this crackdown on peptides/sarms they remove another option for many people to use to improve their quality of life, again something that wouldn't be necessary if our healthcare system was actually as good as people are always saying it is! That's only going to lead to more issues. desperate people do desperate things and once the system has failed you, then you stop looking to it for help.

Health Canada's system has impacted me personally in a couple of absolutely horrendous ways. it allowed someone like me, with 11 years of clearly documented medical history, and diagnoses by some of the top specialists in their fields in Canada, to be subjected to unforgivable treatment by doctors when they turned me away for no reason other than them not wanting to deal with a patient with my pre-existing issues and the medication I have been on for 11 years. 6 months of that rubbish led to me being hospitalized and many calls to health Canada/Ontario govt yielded exactly 0 help in the matter! In addition, I have had to fight tooth and nail for ever bit of medication I get, despite there being no question as to the need and my responsible use for 11 years! As much as I don't mind I still have to submit to urine screens regularly despite never having failed one in 11 years! The doctors who mistreated me will continue to behave this way with others as you literally have no recourse. The stats, that are freely available to the public, clearly show that even if you file a complaint, nothing punitive will be done and the process is so long and arduous that it is clearly designed to dissuade people from even starting it but even more so from following it through to the end.. All of this because Health Canada is incompetent and corrupt!

Anyway, apologies for the sort of OT rant but this is one topic that I feel the more people know about the goings on the more noise will be made and maybe at some point things will change for the better. I am constantly writing letters to my govt reps and anyone else that pops up in the news and looks like they may be able to have some impact. Every little bit, right!

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