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A bunch of pissing matches going on here.  There has been no studies that I have read that has determined the actual quantity of fat burning that goes on in a fasted state to a non-fasted state that showed any significant difference in fat burning.  Not that it matters.  Fat burning is better to be viewed over the longer term where you control your blood sugar levels at an optimal fat burning level ... some of the studies  vary as to the optimal fat burning level ... but they  all seem to point to about less that 5 mmol/l of blood sugar being maintained on average will put you in a fat burning state.   Controlling you blood sugar is influenced by  the type of food you intake ( low vs high glycemic food) and the amount, type and intensity of your training.  I have been using this method for 2 months,  monitoring my blood sugar and have achieved a level on average blood sugar level of 4.8 mmol/l over 2 months and I have dropped 15lbs ... 260 lbs to 245  and my strength and muscular size has not reduced.  I can now see my dick when I look down and my midsection has gone down 3 inches.  I find this method works for me and I feel a lot better and have more energy.  If you feel good doing fasted cardio and you think it works for you go for it.  If you like to have a carb meal to have more energy in the morning to push your cardio harder go for it.  You have to find what works for you.  Studies and methods are good to read about however you have to try the different methods to find the ones you like and work you.  cheers


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