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Francis "Frank" Castle

Supplement Shops All Carry The Same Useless Shit!

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I swear to God, whether it's brick and mortar or online, all of these supplements places carry the same, for the most part, useless shit....But try buying stuff you actually need, that will do you some good!

How many bloody pre-workouts do you need to stock lol? If you look at most of them the ingredients are either shyte or in doses that won't do you a damned bit of good yet they carry 30 different brands/formulations! It's usually a really good indication of what's happening when you see packaging with lots of bright colors and flashy graphics. Pretty much a guarantee that what's on the inside isn't nearly as impressive as the outside...Oh, now isn't that a metaphor and a half lolol...

Anyway, I'm on this little diatribe here because I was looking to buy some Choline and Inositol, time to give my liver a helping hand and there's literally nothing better than those 2, not even pharmaceuticals and do you think you can find anything in bulk, at least in Canada anyway, that isn't hideously overpriced! You need 2.75-3.25g of each per day to do the liver flush for 30 days so that adds up quick. I used to source it from a guy that brought it in bulk from China but that source dried up. For anyone that wants to do a liver flush, and you really should, especially if you are using gear,  3 grams or so a day of each, little less if you're smaller, a little more if you're bigger, for roughly 30 days or so every 6 months or so depending on how much liver metabolized stuff you put in your body. I've been doing it regularly for quite a while because of the meds I take. I've heard quite a few guys in the online bodybuilding crowd talk about this combo as well.

Don't even get me started on trying to source bulk Agmatine that isn't loaded with Arcaine Sulfate (nasty shit you don't want any part of). Most people aren't aware that the chemically synthesized Agmatine (made from Arginine) all contains Arcaine Sulfate. In small doses of agmatine it would take a while to catch up with you, but would, but at the 3 grams a day I take it's a big problem. It's highly neurotoxic. If you look at the MSDS info for Arcaine Sulfate you'll be asking yourself how the F any amount is even allowed to be in something that humans consume! There are several brands that are made via a fermentation method with corn/glucose as the source material (Agmapure, AgMax, AgMass are 3 I know off the top of my head) but I can't seem to find a bulk supplier here in North America for any of those anymore. As far as I know, Genabolix hi-tailed it out of Canada after that court case they were in and they were a good source for it but maybe someone here is out in Vancouver and knows if they are still there? Haven't heard anything from them in a long time.

I know the deal with being in business and having to sell the stuff that folks are brainwashed into thinking they need but man, you'd think there would be a brave soul out there that might take a shot at a happy balance between that shyte and the stuff that's actually really good for you and try to edumacate folks a bit and deprogram them from all the flashy advertising.

The guys on YT that are always doing the reviews of the pre workouts make me laugh with all their "Better Pumps, got to have the Better Pumps"...They make me think of the hockey goobers from Letterkenny who are always saying 'Gotta go for the W's boys get the W's boys" lololol

Ok, so the search continues lolol.....

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