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Which lab have you ran with the least PIP

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Purple panda test e and deca is pretty painless

avogen DHB 100mg cyp is pretty good, their tren and mast pretty smooth as well.


i heat up my oils before injecting most of the time and don’t rush it.  I’ve had some gear that has rendered a body part useless for a week too.

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Both Bodytech and Vortex, I've ran pretty much the list at one point or another, long and short esters; the only pain I ever had was if I went too fast, which is absolutely my fault and nothing to do with the product, just me being in a rush. 

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 I started using  BT through this board,it  is painless, rather the thinest oil ever used, otherwise Transpharma was good  too before switching to BT i used there products for 4 years, almere was ok as well

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To be honest, as long as I take my time with the injection and give the spot a bit of a massage afterwards, I've never really had bad PIP with gear - specifically - Bayer (Pharma while in Mexico), Boss and PJD. Now, injectable L-carnitine is a different story and definitely has a bit of an afterbite.

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