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Do you skip legs day?


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I have to admit bodybuilding have changed how many of you skip legs day? do you remember the mister douche with a great upper buddy with skinny ass legs ...lol  genetic is everything I race motocross at young age and still race enduro and mountain sleds for that you need legs!

ps: guys woman loveeee big legs 😉 


I have serious football player at my gym , when uncle jet do is legs they look and say no fucking way this guy is natural 🙂 love it!




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1 hour ago, CapeBretonDadBod said:

People don’t realize doing legs helps the rest of the body grow , people don’t realize the amount of secondary muscle involved in heavy squats.

Yes!  This and deadlifts.  Last week I hit a new personal PR in the deadlift, the next day my everything was sore, chest, abs, back you name it.  

Training legs can suck until you train them consistently and start seeing major progress moving bigger and bigger weight.  But if you always take the mentality of "leg day sucks" and you only train legs once a month or not at all, you'll never progress to that level that makes leg training enjoyable and rewarding.

The first time I could squat 315, I was hooked on training legs!  Not too many guys in the gym that will be consistent enough to get there so once you do, you feel encouraged to keep going and hit 405, then maybe 495 (not quite there yet).

Or maybe that's just me, LOL.

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I will admit that it's only been in the last year or so I learnt how to work my legs properly. I use to squat way too heavy. I could squat 600lb but didn't look like it.

I now split my legs so I have two leg days a week. On my quads I'm so 3-5 sets and 15-25 reps. I only do squats, hack squats and leg press now, nothing else. My legs have seen more improvement in the last 12 months than probably 6 years prior.

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