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Larry wheels

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2 hours ago, Hog said:

I was wondering what his potential would be so far as bodybuilding is concerned?  He seems tall, anyone know how tall he is?

Best wishes to him and his career.




Says he’s 6’1 listed at 245-255lb

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On 11/20/2018 at 6:04 AM, Corey5150 said:

He's a great powerlifter... but man his showing at the NPC nationals was just ?

Agreed. Very typical of a powerlifters physique on stage.

From what ive seen for a bodybuilder or powerlifter to switch disciplines and excel at the opposite takes time.  Meaning I dont think u csn just swap back and forth a coupke times in a year like Larry has, and expect great results.

Efferding did it when he turned pro but he really didnt look that good at all. A lot of him winning that day was luck of a weak competitor field.

Sometimes ya just get lucky.

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Most powerlifters have serious form issues, and while you dont get points for form on the platform, it absolutely does affect how your body grows. I've seen massive pullers with shit legs, even big squatters with shit legs. Hell, i've seen even the occasional big bencher with a so-so upper body (though this is rare). Even if you can cat-on-Halloween crane up a rotten 600lb deadlift, you will absolutely build more quality, aesthetically symmetrical muscle doing 315lbs Olympic style. Same with squats. With some guys its hard to even spot what muscles they are working out under big weights, but Olympic squats, performed by Olympic lifters (or powerlifters who truly do care about form) build EVERYTHING below the tits, and they build it EXACTLY how you want it to look. Form is everything when it comes to building good looking, competition-quality muscle. If Olympic lifters did more than 2-3 reps on anything, or ever benched at all, you'd easily see what difference it makes. As it is, you can still see their lower bodies, and they ALL have sick wheels. Powerlifting... well... not necessarily. Especially when you really start to load that bar.


I haven't watched Wheels train, but most of the other powerlifters i've seen tend to throw form out the window when it gets heavy and guys start screaming in their ear. Fudge that form and suddenly you're building more erector and glute, and far more 'white tissue' than those quads or hams you think you're building...

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