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Hello folks, need ur expertise and input in starting pct after cycle,  we all know  the old school regimen starting clomid/ nolva  therapy after 2 weeks of last shot (using long esters) regardless using hcg throughout the cycle or not, the other or modern theory says  let the ester clear the system and then start pct, in case using t/ enthate atleast wait 5 weeks before pct , i personally  been cycling for years have tried both ways, never felt a huge difference in recovery of natty , but off course felt the difference in using hcg throughout the cycle, instead of blasting hcg after stopping test, please chime in with ur experiences and my alopogies for bad English 

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Well definitely pick one or the other, 

Clomid and Nolva are SERMS, and there is little benefit to using both at once and will likely increase the risk of side-effects.

Clomid is the stronger of the 2, but Nolva tends to be a go to for the lesser sides. 

Now that being said; a rule of thumb 

Clomid - heavier/longer cycles or stacked/multi compound cycles 

Nolva - moderate to small or short cycles.

Clomid is usually started 2 weesk after your last shot (long ester) or as soon as 5 days for short cycle at dosages of 50-100mg a day for the first 3-4 weeks (although mote advanced cycles may look like week 1 150mg, week 2-4 100mg, and an optional 50-100mg for week 5 and 6)

Nolvadex is recommended for 4-6 week pct - at daily dosage 40mg for the first half of the cycle and 20mg for the last half. 

Either SERM  should be paired with an AI and HCG

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