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I love that quote he has “These guys today are business men, in my day I was a killer.” Said with best lisp impression 😂😂

he can still throw em for sure, still a fucking beast, I don’t think this is a legit come back, not sure he could compete if it was, isn’t it a charity thing like @Fizzyx says?

either way, it’ll be entertaining for sure. 

On 5/15/2020 at 12:08 AM, Ryujiin said:

Anybody been watching his recent training vids?

"Gods of war have summoned me back" + little GH, little test, little tren, little cocain...

I mean, I can box, but that guys scares the shit outta me. 


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Man is in epic shape for 50+ and can throw some seriously hard hits, don't foul him one bit, he is still a killer. Them cheque drops made him eat ppl's ears tho 😄

He is a humble guy in reality, but he was taken advantage off alot... this guy literally would out of his heart gift ppl a car, things of all kinds u name it, and there are dishonest and cruel ppl out there..

Anyways heard about all this a while ago from a buddy of mine, apparently he's been on stem cells therapy for a while. This stuff is lik gold to regen even brain cells apparently and all kinds of organ damage.

I will be watching

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