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Cycle for Enduro or motocross (motorcycle) racing ?


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Hi Guys 


I normally used in the pass a MMA style cycle for my Enduro Racing season this is a more endurance type motorcycle racing the need is up the cardio and 


Strength, energy and endurance are key but one of the biggest obstacles in MX is battling ARM PUMP, sure their are many ways to improve this.

Motocross racer or not, In your opinion, what are the top steroids to use in motocross? Or what compounds would be optimized without effecting arm pump?

My initial guess is a very low dose mix of "dry" compounds at very low dose, 

in no particular order or regimen a mix of


  • t prop as al base
  • eq as a staple for energy
  • PrimoAsNoBrainer
  • masteronFor Strength,dryness,and estrogen control
  • NPP,for joints/feel good
  • turnabol cause the Germans love it
  • varCauseItsVar

Maybe a little GH and t3 to drop weight....
Prami and aromasin for sides

all at doses well below bbing standards, orals 2 weeks on, 2off


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