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Sweeteners and weight gain

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Hey fellas,

So I know aspartame causes issues with gut bacteria and can cause insulin spikes as well as easier weight gain (there's some studies around).

I know stevia is good to go but usually products with it are more costly, but I do use it as a tea or coffee sweetner. I also know its bad for sperm but then again i got none lol so not worried about that

However what I didn't know was about sucralose, apparently it doesnt cause insulin spikes and is good in that respect but i saw some 2018 study that says it may promote glut4 response and fat accumulation... what?


My wife got me into MIO drip sweetener in water, that way i avoid all sweet drinks 100% and have no temptation even though normally I'm just a water kind of guy..but now im kinda sad if this is really true about sucralose 😞



Spill the beans on dos and don'ts...

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Posted (edited)

In my experience, and with those I train artificial sweeteners have never been an issue - whether in testing BG levels or in representations in blood work.... and at least in myself I certainly don't limit them at all. Now, can they contribute to gut issues, I'd say yes however I think that is more individual.

One thing to keep in mind with these studies, or rather, the overwhelming majority of studies is that they aren't looking at people like us. And something worth noting as the connection is almost always made - Insulin in of it itself does not make you accumulate more fat. Insulin resistance can certainly be a detrimental thing, but that's another topic altogether. 

Point being... its normally something until specific times that I wouldn't worry about.

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I agree, the insulin reaction is just a note from the study,  it even states it is a strong replacementfor sugar. Plus the majority of credible sources claim its a strong alternative for the diabetics and can reduce calorie consumption in the average person drastically; the rare few who have issue with phenylalanine even have a minimal negative reaction. 


In multiple tests the sweetener groups are found to reduce calorie consumption and body fat in comparison to the sugar groups. 

The amount to intake to be negative would drown us in liquid prior to even coming close; and the negative studies are rodent based and they metabolise sweetners quite differently; as well as dosages were set very high and the rats had a preexisting potential for tumors. 


The gut health is definitely individual. Aspartame never bothers me, but some of the other sugar alcohols will have me farting enough methane to power a gas plant.  Which is fun for a game of Dutch oven with the spouse. 



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