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My stupid shoulder injury from last year, PRP, stem cell

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For those that don't remember my case, last year some dumb ass kid spotted me badly and I got injured. I've been unable to train chest and shoulders since September last year. January I started a full rehab regiment but stopped due to COVID. Despite 4 months off training my shoulder didn't improve and two months into quarantine I actually started experiencing worse symptoms/pain. I've been struggling some days to even move my arm left/right, to rotate arm when raised up, or to raise arm up at all It's been a very depressing experience.

Last year I tried a bunch of peptides and they sorta helped (well with other injuries) but not this..., with all the rehab and time off I am still in the same spot... I know I'm older now and things don't heal like they used to but, I am desperate.

I want to hear if anyone's done PRP (or stem cell therapy). I heard of stem cell therapy just today after reading Mike Tyson was in on it (he's coming back for a fight in September), then I heard shaq is on it and even Madona. But these people have $$$ and I am sure this is mad expensive and complicated too. So I want to know more about PRP from people's experiences...

I was reading this site: https://canadadiagnostics.ca/services/pain-management/platelet-rich-plasma/

It's 500 for one treatment and another in 8 weeks on average, I am willing to consider it now!

I am fed up of being injured. Training shoulders was one of my favorites and I was naturally gifted in growing melons, now it's out of the question! It's depressing I feel handicapped...

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I believe you can get PRP covered. My doc did prolotherapy on my torn tricep tendon and it improved a lot.

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