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My Covid Cycle result I am Happy! is less better?

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Hi Guys


You guys know what I do for a living we are  probably  in the most affected field by covid-19 ( the biggest lie of this generation) 


when my gym closed  I changed my training I used my TRX cable every morning and Race Enduro Motorcycle and Trial daly now that the gym are re-open I used a different approach more reps  25-30 with less weight every morning then Enduro in afternoon  I lost lot's of size but this is the first time I reach this lean!


What I used

250 Test Ent / week

200 Eq /Week ( I know )

25 mg of Winstrol

end ..lol


After year of heavy cycle I guess a new approach can be beneficial 🙂 what you guys think? to lean? 





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I don't know what your size/weight is but I think the internet forums make us inflate our doses beyond what we need. Definitely did for me. Similar to you I ran probably my lowest dose cycle in a decade. Starting around 245lb I cut on 400 test and 300 tren and had one of the best cycles ever. Working from home allowed me to be spot on my diet however and I have a power rack and weights in the basement.

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You look amazing man!  Tightness and lines in the abdominals that a lot of guys envy!     I am a firm believer that less in more.  Some people fail to realize that the higher the dose doesn’t translate to more gains.  There is a threshold for everyone, and once you go above that threshold, you’re only adding sides and nothing else.  That is a good cycle, and at those doses can be ran for longer periods of time.  I like the winny dose, just enough to reap some benefits but not enough to kill your joints.     Post a before and after and this should be the poster child Prost for those first timers out there that claim “every board tells me to run 500mg test for my first cycle!”   250 test is close to 3 times a normal healthy adult males natural test production.  For the first timer than means epic gains without the test bloat!


props to you man, keep this trend going that less is more!

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