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Second pic is obviously photoshopped, you can see the distortion behind him lol, but yeah he has elite level genetics, have you seen his recent videos about his injury to the triceps? He lost like 20 pounds of muscle and he found out that his Test was bunk, he was cruising on 500mg of test e per week lol, cant imagine what this guy blast if 500mg is his trt dose

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I saw a video forever ago where he said his cruise was 175. I think he was blasting at 500 when he found out his test was bunk. 
but either way. Serious genetics. Obviously responding super well to gear, cause even at bunk test amounts he was in serious good shape. Like up at 230-240 lbs or something. 

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Seth, so he says runs very conservative doses of gear.  He’s said that anything about 1.2g test fucks him up with sides.   He’s got a pretty good video on how to set up a good cycle if you can find it.   Seth got most of his mass monsteresque size from insulin and hgh.   Remember that muscle memory plays in a lot of this.  He stated he went pro on 3iu growth and 3iu insulin.   After you get so big, it only takes milder doses to maintain or regain that size.   Calum von Moger is another prime example of muscle memory after his bicep tear.  Remember it’s always easier to regain size than to gain new size.  But judging my the look of seths muscles and his pumps in the gym, I think he’s still running insulin.  At least pre workout.    

Seth is one of my favorite guys to follow.  He’s funny, awesome work ethic and family man and he doesn’t sugar coat shit.   I like his quote “how to get bigger arms, stop being a fucking pussy” lol.    I’ve recently tried some of his supplement line, and I love it.  Stim free pre workout tastes good, is easy in the belly and promotes good pumps and sweat without making you feel like ass a few hours later like a lot do.  His stuff is a little pricey, but I don’t mind supporting his brand, the dude does ALOT for charity as well.   All around he’s a pretty stand up guy that’s easy to admire.

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