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MK677 Carpal tunnel

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Hey guys,

Any of you manages to clear carpel tunnel using mk677 of hgh? Ive been using mk for 2 weeks now and the carpal tunnel is killing me, especially in the gym for grip strength and in the morning I feel like my hand is burning off. 

Currently at 20mg/day, I did lower the dose to 10mg for 4 days and seen some improvements but not by much. I also tried to lower carbs to get water retention down but that didnt help either.


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Carpal tunnel syndrome: A frequent HGH side effect, this is the direct result of fluid retention around the tendons, joints, and connective tissue. What occurs in this case is the water retention in surrounding tissues around the nerves will cause these tissues to press against nerves in various key spots (often around joints). What results is carpal tunnel syndrome, if temporary. Carpal tunnel syndrome caused by Human Growth Hormone administration is characterized by tingling or numbness in the extremities (hands and feet), especially when the user’s limbs are in folded positions for extended periods. In such a case, the extremities will often turn numb but feeling should slowly return after extending the limbs and moving them around, which is followed by tingling and then the return of feeling. Carpal tunnel syndrome is often a temporary side effect of Human Growth Hormone that tends to vanish following cessation of use. In the worst cases, nerve damage in the specific area is possible, which would result in long term or permanent loss of feeling. Once again, the severity of carpal tunnel syndrome worsens with higher doses.

this can also be relative to mk677 but its not as common...

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