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What do you wear to the gym?

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Hey guys!  Out of boredom, and me just being the funny guy that I am.  I figured this could be a fun conversation starter!  We are all in the gym at various times and various places around this world.  This is open for the men and the ladies!

We have seen them all.   
the matchers, as I call them.  You know these guys.  Head to toe sporting one brand, usually expensive underarmor or Nike everything!

the old lifter who doesn’t give a shit.  The old guy that wears boots and cargo shorts with a stained wife beater in there doing no nonsense curls and presses.  Keeping healthy and strong!

The chubby country boy.  Baggy gym shorts and a shirt with the sleeves cut all the way down to his belly, giving everyone full view of his majestic man boobs!

The over achiever.  Baggy hoodie, with yoga pants under gym shorts with ankle weights and a sweat band. 

the “you can look but you can’t touch” sports bra and the tightest yoga pants/shorts known to human kind.  No matter where she goes or what she does, she points that booty right at you.  (Definitely my wife)

No name sweat pants with a tank with a funny caption on it.  (Definitely me). Lol walmart sweats, and tanks. My favorite tanks right now are the “99 problems but a bench ain’t one” and “drop it like a squat” frequent my rotation.


and then there is the guy like my best friend.  Tight pants with an over revealing stringers. Must show off gainz at all time!


so what do you wear to the gym?

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I’ve not heard of rise.  I’ll look it up.  Just got back from a killer delt and arm workout.  I got dark blue sweats with the 90’s style elastic cuffs at the ankles and a bring green tank that has an iPhone lock screen on it that says “BEAST” then “slide to unlock” under it.  With laced up chucks.

bestie had skin tight underarmor pants, with a smedium bright red stringer lol.  Mind you this guy is 5’6 235 ripped to the bone lol.  Height wise he is way bigger than me.  He must be on steroids or something ROFLMAO 

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Yes sir I am.  I may break that around the first of the year.  Thinking heavily about dabbling into a little bit of insulin to fill out some lacking body parts to compete next year.  I need to gain some size in my legs, biceps and lower/mid back.  Would like to compete in classic.  I’ve always been kind of against insulin use, but I’ve educated myself a bit more on it and in talks with a guy that really knows what he’s doing and wins shows.   

keto works great for me, honestly I feel as if I have gained better in a keto lifestyle than when I was packing in the carbs.  Gains are a hell of a lot less watery and leaner.    The biggest ive ever been able to come in on stage is 217 at 5’11 at 6% body fat depleted.  And for my body type I just feel it’s too small.  Would love to come in 227 with a wider back, thicker legs and better biceps. 

my off season body fat usually stays around 10-14% and even at that, no matter what gear I’m running I can never break 250 in the off season while being lean.  And I’m dead against getting fat as fuck in the off season just to kill myself dieting to realize I’ve only gained a few lbs of lean mass.


so at this point I think insulin is the next step to fill out to my goal in mind, which will require a higher carb lifestyle.  But will return to keto after the cycle is over.  

my buddy on the other hand is a little monster while only running the basic compounds with some HGH.  He’s never touched insulin and is just fucking stacked. I’ll blame it on genetics lol


my current resting physique in my Superman blues


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