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GH with Slin or no?

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On 3/12/2019 at 9:10 AM, NorthernLifters said:

its an interesting topic but if i use more iu slin and increase carbs and proteins,more is better than depends on goal i suppose?

That is my two cents.

Figure out your calorie needs and then match the insulin. Don't just consume 100g of dextrose just so you can take 10-20iu of insulin. Those are shit carbs for one. Also those extra 400 calories might just go to fat if you're already eating enough for your goals. That's why I say there is a (practical) limit to insulin dose...

Not to mention that if you are not (effectively) a diabetic, your body is producing its own insulin which will take care of the job so you don't necessarily have to push the limits with going hypoglycemic to get all the nutrients metabolized. Meaning if you're at 1iu/5g and you consume 50g, you need a total of 10iu insulin. If you only take 5iu, your body will produce the remaining 5iu to get your blood glucose level back to baseline. IMO taking exo insulin becomes more beneficial when on high calorie diets and AAS which combined might push insulin needs beyond what your body can handle naturally (ie. effectively becoming diabetic).

Hope that makes sense.

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