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Fake protocols


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I had a buddy of mine show me a peak week protocol for a top trainer today. The protocol was so f#%$ing crazy that I was shocked he believed it. But with that being said he also didn't realize I have several friends (ifbb pros) being trained by said trainer and I showed them this. Everyone came back with "fake as f@&% and super dangerous, also would never work". Tried telling my friend this and he argued with me because this came off Instagram and he's heard this about the trainer. God this drives me insane seeing ppl actually believing stupid s%÷! like this. Anyone else have any crazy fake cycle/protocol stories?

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Yeah man. I remember when “the cycle Ramy ran to go pro” came out. Just laughable and nonsensical.


HGH - 18IU's per day
Insulin - 5IU's before each meal
Testosterone Enanthate - 5000mgs per week
Trenbolone Enanthate - 3000mgs a week
Equipoise – 3000 mgs per week
Deca Durabolin – 2000 mgs per week
Dianabol 100mgs per day
Anadrol 300mgs per day
Myostatin (GDF-8) blocking peptid


There was a lot more Silliness involved in the article I read. But really? .. 3G tren with 3G orals a week? Hmmm

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